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October 21, 2004

Clearing brush?

Surprise, surprise!

Digby reports that W. is taking a day off. Word has it that he's going back to his Crawford estate. I figured he was just lazy and irresponsible, or else that he needed to be fitted for a defibrillator.

Listen to Digby because he is much smarter than me:

Sure he is. In the fight of his life, ten days before the election, he's taking a precious day away from the campaign trail.

How much do you want to bet he's being measured for a new military costume as we speak?

My only question is whether it will be Kabul or Baghdad.

And if the braindead press corpse handle this as anything but a cheap, taxpayer financed stunt we should raise holy hell. In fact, it wouldn't hurt to let them know now that any October Surprise like this is not a "surprise" it's an act of sheer desperation and if they don't cover this with the skepticism and derision it deserves they can never call themselves anything but whores.

It's called working the refs folks. If this thing happens, the press needs to have our take on it firmly implanted in their minds before they start their bizarre, erotic fantasizing about the manly preznit.

I've revised my theory. The President is going to be fitted for a defibrillating codpiece.


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Hi Lindsay,
I have been enjoying your blog because it gives me an insight into the thinking of my counterparts on the left.
I'd also like to say that Digby's comments stink of political death.
The momentum has shifted. I think you probably sense it as well.
Kerry is toast.
Maureen Dowd has given up on him. From what I heard on Imus this morning, so has Chris Matthews.
Bush doesn't need to go to Baghdad or Kabul. He just needs to get a little rest so he'll be primed for the final week of the campaign.
Stick a fork in Kerry. He's all done.

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