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January 15, 2005

iPod Shuffle

Elvis Costello, "Watching the Detectives." My Aim Is True, 1977.
Ornette Coleman, "Peace." The Shape of Jazz to Come, 1959.
Waren Zevon, "Frank and Jesse James." Warren Zevon, 1976.
Charlie Parker, "Mango Mangue." Jazz Masters, 1993 [orig. rec. 1948].
Robert Johnson, "Preaching Blues (Up Jumped the Devil)." The Complete Recordings, 1990 [orig. rec. 1936].
Phil Ochs,"Pleasures of the Harbor," Pleasures of the Harbor, 1967.
Curtis Mayfield, "Stone Junkie." Curtis - Live! 1971.
Bruce Springsteen, "Dancin' in the the Dark." Born in the USA, 1984.
Stan Rogers, "Barrett's Privateers," Home in Halifax, 1994 [orig. rec. 1982].
Frederick Rzewski, "The People United Will Never Be Defeated! (Variation 34)" Rzewski Plays Rzewski 1975-1999, 2002 [orig. rec. 1998].

Inspired by the following, with my favorite pick from their Top 10:

Kriston Capps Joni Mitchell, "Blue"

PZ Myers Prince, "Little Red Corvette"

Will Wilkinson Queen, "Another One Bites the Dust"
[Plus Bob McManus in Will's comments: Elvis Costello, "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding"]

Rox Populi Bessie Smith, "Reckless Blues"

Feministe Alberta Hunter, "My Handy Man Ain’t So Handy Anymore"

Minor Third Tom Waits, "Jockey Full of Bourbon"

Will Baude John Coltrane, "Giant Steps" (Alternate Take)


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You got very good taste. :)

Maybe because I recognize more of your stuff than most of the lists.

Except "War is Over" is from "Tape from California".

Stupid iTunes. (But it would be so wrong to cheat at this game, wouldn't it?)

1. Radiohead, "Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors"
2. Shelby Lynne w/the Atlanta Symphony, "Evil Man" (my orchestration - in my iTunes library for professional reasons only)
3. Ran Blake, "Nothing or All"
4. The Beatles, "Dig A Pony"
5. Otis Redding, "Trick Or Treat"
6. Tom Leher, "Bright College Days"
7. Radiohead, "A Wolf At The Door"
8. Lewis Taylor, "Lovin' U More"
9. Stevie Wonder, "Castles In The Sand"
10. Ornette Coleman, "Free"

You know, this playlist is so weird I might have to try actually listening to it.

Good stuff, particularly Charlie Parker and Robert Johnson.

Ooh I wanna play!

Inca Roads - Frank Zappa
Two Faced - Miles Davis
Cirkus - King Crimson
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight - Genesis
Cock-Suckers' Ball - Frank Zappa
Oye Como Va - Santana
Contusion - Stevie Wonder
Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie
El Bozo Pt. 3 - Chick Corea
Mama Papa Tu - Mongo Santamaria

i can't help myself:

Mazurka "a Emile Gaillard" in A minor - Chopin (Rubinstein Collection)
Triennale - Brian Eno
Petals - Hole
Radio Free Europe - R.E.M.
All the Things You Are - Chet Baker
The End of Words - Material
Lucky Day Overture - Tom Waits
The Free Design - Stereolab
Pentagram Ring - Chavez
Devil Town - Daniel Johnston

Kudos for the Rzewski! "The People United" is one amazing piece of music - perhaps the greatest piece written for the piano in the past 50 years.

Lindsay, you're a woman after my own heart, and I see from the comments above I'm not the only person with a smile on my face to see a fellow Rzewski aficionado.

On that note, if anyone reading this comments thread has been trying without avail to find Rzewski's unpublished scores (and the vast majority of his ouvre is unpublished), then I must mention that Rzewski, good anarcho-syndicalist that he is, makes his unpublished scores available at cost of photocopying & postage to anyone who asks on the condition that they do the same for whomever asks them. Thus, if any of y'all are looking for his 1974 Variations on "No Place to Go But Around", his 1991 Sonata, or his 1992 Andante Con Moto (14 Variations *Without* A Theme By Beethoven)... as well as a 1989 short version of the Fantasy that appears in much extended form in the Rzewski plays Rzewski box set, please feel free to e-mail me.

What the hell, I'll bite...and hope that it doesn't spit out too many of my wife's danbce hits from the eighties. (PS "Pleasures of the Harbor" is from Pleasures of the Harbor).


1. Binkley Brothers' Dixie Clodhoppers - When I Had But Fifteen Cents
2. Minimal Man - Loneliness
3. Boswell Sisters - It's the Girl
4. Mahmoud Ahmed - Aynotche Terabu
5. Alex Chilton - Like Flies on Sherbert
6. Maxine Sullivan - If I Had a Ribbon Bow
7. Alec Johnson - The Mysterious Coon
8. Mound City Blue Blowers - Barb Wire Blues
9. Fear - We Destroy the Family
10. Tammi Terrell - I Cried

Oh, crap... here goes:
The Duke- Dave Brubeck (Quartet)
Maybelline- Chuck Berry
Lonely Woman- Ornette Coleman (the Great cut on "the Shape"..etc)
KC Moan- Memphis Jug band
Cherchez la Femme- Dr. Buzzard's Original Savannah Band
Ruby my dear- Thelonious Monk (solo)
Leavin' Trunk- taj Mahal
the cut of some Georgia Sea Islanders in church, beating time with canes on the floor while they sing- from Alan Lomax's "Southern Journeys" 4 CD set that our library used to have.
Finale- Prokofiev dMajor (Opus 25) Ormandy
If you go down to Hammond- The Roches

It took me a little time to import my CD collection to my Mac, but now that it's done, I can play, too. There's a 20th percentile filter in that I only imported CD's that made it into various portable CD albums I own, so that cuts out a lot of potentially embarrassing stuff.

American Nightmare - The Misfits, Legacy of Brutality (1985)
Now You Know - The Afghan Whigs, Gentlemen (1993)
Run Run Run - The Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)
Jerry Was A Race Car Driver - Primus, Sailing The Seas Of Cheese (1991)*
Blood Roses - Tori Amos, Boys For Pele (1996)
Up Up Up Up Up Up - Ani DiFranco, Up Up Up Up Up Up (1999)*
Joe Hill (Instrumental) - Utah Philips & Ani DiFranco, Fellow Workers (1999)
You're No Rock 'n Roll Fun - Sleater-Kinney, All Hands On The Bad One (2000)
Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin I (1969)*
Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers, Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)*

My favorites are marked with an asterisk. The S-K song is running a strong 5th in this list. The male/female balance in my collection is more like 80-20, instead of the almost 50-50 split from the random shuffle.

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