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January 26, 2005

Johnny Carson and James Randi

OneGoodMove reader David writes:

In memory of Johnny Carson's great work for the skeptic movement and in helping expose frauds and charlatans, I captured a video clip that includes James Randi and Johnny Carson collaborating to debunk UriGeller, Peter Popoff, and Psychic Healing on the Tonight Show. The clip is from the NOVA episode "Secrets of the Psychics".

See the clip here.


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Check out Randi's obituary.
When the famous expose of Peter Popoff occurred on his show, conditions had been somewhat changed over those that usually applied. Earlier that afternoon I had met with Fred DeCordova, his director, I had shown him the video footage that we had exposing Popoff's scam, and when Fred said that he would show the video to Johnny, I'd suggested that it might be better to surprise him. "No," Fred had insisted, "Johnny doesn't like surprises." "Well, just think for a moment about the expression he'll have on his face," I told him. That did it. We went on-camera that evening without Johnny knowing the big surprise — that Popoff had a concealed receiver in his ear. John let out an expletive that was dropped out of the tape before it was broadcast later in the evening, and DeCordova had to agree that we'd made the right decision.

Yeah, man, that was one of the greatest t.v. moments ever!!!! As soon as I heard Carson had died, that's the moment I thought of. He really shredded that charlatan. Or, rather, sat there politely while the guy self-shredded.

Well I wanna say thanks for posting the link to those clips and thanks to Google for pointing me here.. LOL... I just found out about James Randi through the Penn & Teller Bullsh*t DVD and It just saddens me to see people like Popoff prey on innocent people.. Too bad he couldnt be charged with some crime and locked away for life for such trickery and deception..

Well Peter Popoff still alive and in Business...
now selling the "Miracle Mana" sad ...sad...sad !

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