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April 24, 2005

Penguins can fly

...but only if they clear airport security like everyone else.


See the whole photo essay.

[Via Thad, via Michael guest-blogging at Rox Populi]


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I want one.

The absurd part is that one of those penguins was actually wanted for questioning in Saudi Arabia, but nobody thought to check the lists. They think she has ties to an emperor penguin in custody of the Seattle Aquarium.

You know, I have a certain amount of sympathy for the flunkies who feel the bureaucracy of the NSA requires them to say things like, "No, I'm sorry, your penguins have to walk through the security gate to prove they're not full of explosives," but I still wish one of the penguins had walked up to the supervisor who made that decision and pooped on his/her shoe.

Okay, yes, it was probably just a cute publicity photo. Still, it makes me wonder -- if I ever brought my cats on as carry-on luggage, would I have to try and get them to walk through the security gate on their own? And how many NSA employees would be detailed to help me retrieve them as they shot through the gate, darted past me, and ran through the airport as fast as their fat little legs could carry them?

How do we know that these aren't really terrorists in disguise? What better disguise than dressing up as a one foot tall penguin?

This is a terra-ist penguin

No, no: it's this one.

Ever on the lookout for suicide penguins -- I'm glad to know that these whiteshirts remembered Batman Returns.

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