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July 14, 2005

Adorable yet terrifying

Is it that a passed out Panda banner doesn't really strike fear into the hearts of liberal-haters everywhere? Maybe if we replaced it with one that had fangs and blood dripping from its mouth.--Amanda

Well, we tried that, but Jesse and Amanda of Pandagon still haven't been "discovered" by David Horowitz's Network.

It's time for a new tack...something adorable, yet terrifying...something Pandariffic but haunting.

It's waiting below just below the fold.


Baby pandas at the Washington zoo. [Yahoo/AP]

Correction/Clarification: Baby pandas be bustin' out all over!

July 12, 2005—Forget sharks: The summer of the panda is upon us, and it's padding in on 20 pink paws. Last week alone five giant panda cubs were born in captivity: one at Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo and two pairs of twins (one of which is pictured above) at China's Wolong panda reserve. [National Geographic]


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Chest-bursters! NOOOOOOO!!!!!

As the caption on the photo says, those two baby pandas are at the "China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Wolong". There was only a single baby panda born at the National Zoo in Washington (although it was just as cute).

We have a species finally where the adults are cuter than the babies! I always suspected Pandas were unbent.

Eat your hearts out, naked mole rats! Her is the TRUE embodiment of blind ambition! ^..^

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu ftaghn!

Must one be influential to join the network, or merely be loathesome? I think I can manage the second part pretty well. So what if no one listens? I'm an insidious evil that must be stomped out, no? That I fly under the radar, so much the better to stomp on.

OMFG... This was not someone doing a parody of David Horowitz, this thing was serious?!

And if so, how do I get myself added to the list?

mojo sends

Must one be influential to join the network, or merely be loathesome?

Apparently, making David Horowitz look like an ass helps. If we want to be part of The Network, I think we may have to make fun of him more.

I was discovered by Horowitz and I gotta tell ya that it ain't all that.

Apparently death is no barrier to making Horowitz's enemies list. I see that both Andrea Dworkin and Valerie Solanis made his "Leftist Gender Bigots" list:

And it isn't just that Horowitz doesn't have time to update his site. In the entry on Dworkin it notes the date of her death.

Valerie Solanis died in 1988.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton also made the Leftist Gender Bigots list. She died in 1902.

So if Stanton is on Horowitz's enemies list, why isn't Marx, Darwin, Einstein and Abbie Hoffman?

He's a slow reader, I guess.

He's a slow reader, I guess.

Perhaps - or maybe crazy people have problems with consistency and orderly categories.

orderly categories.

Was that me or a thread glitch?

OMG, those babies are amazing.

But no one is citing what MUST be Jesse's original source: Rumiko Takahashi's pugnacious genderbending manga, =blank>Ranma 1/2, whose character "Genma" spends half his life as a slighly lecherous grandpa, until contact with water turns him into an equally pugnacious bear (until he dries out).

To leave Genma behind because of Horowitz -- well, the terrorists will have won.

Wow. I didn't know pandas were marsupials....

Chris: it's not until he dries out; cold water turns him into a panda, hot water turns him back again.

I stand corrected! Thanks, Richard.

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