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November 06, 2005

VA Gov: Jerry Kilgore's dirty tricks

Viginial gubernatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore (R) is distributing fake "Democrat" Voter Guides.

Hugo Estrada at MyDD got one in the mail. Click the link to see scans of the dirty documents. He writes:

I just received "2005 Official Democrat and Progressive Voter Guide-Governor of Virginia" in my mailbox. Its purpose was to inform voters on "the issues most important to Democrat and Progressive voters." In tiny type, next to the picture of Tim Kaine it said "Paid for and authorized by Virginians for Jerry Kilgore."

Not surprisingly, the message was to vote for Russell Potts.

The contact numbers listed were wrong, both for Mr. Potts and Tim Kaine.

A new low in Virginia politics.

Scott, a Kossack from Virginia, also got the flyer. Visit his diary for more high quality scans of Kilgore's misleading literature.

[Via Mike the Mad Biologist]


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Thanks for pointing this out. I actually wasn't going to vote for governor this year, but based on this ridiculous, repulsive tactic, I'm heading out Tuesday and voting for Tim Kaine and the other Democrats.

I only wish there were someone in the area with the funds and wherewithal to respond swiftly with a mailing of pamphlets pointing out this deception; I imagine many more people would find themselves in my situation, more motivated to go vote against Kilgore than if his supporters hadn't sent out that handy "guide."

If you look at Kilgore's negative ads, they were very ineffective. He had an old angry ugly mustachioed man talking about Hitler and the death penalty. Not exactly a sympathetic figure. Kilgore was always in orange, too, which is a kind of agressive color. Kilgore has an exaggerated drawl even for southern Virginia. He really should win in a republican state, but he shot himself in the foot.

Virginia is not strongly or consistently Republican. In fact, with respect to its governors, four of the last five have been Democrats.

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