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February 07, 2006

Now this is a good pet product


How to Make a Daschund Wheelchair [MAKE]

Some devoted pet owners decided to help their little friend get around easier during his back troubles. Then they posted the complete instructions here.


There was a little terrier cross that used to cruise about the town of Minaki Ontario in the late 1980's in a similar contraption. For that little critter, it was not a temporary solution, but it sure didn't seem to slow the furball down.


Naked Ape

Isn't Lindsay suppose to be in Amsterdam? why is she posting puppy on a wheel?

or is this a auto-scheduled post? (If she is posting from europe...ehrrr......dude, we want ground reporting.)

He's more machine that wiener-dog.

I recall a little poodle who tooled around Powelton Village in Philly back in the '90s in a very similar device. It's a pretty obvious solution to the problem.

My mother's dachsund has back problems. I think I'll suggest this to her.

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