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June 16, 2006

Effect Measure has moved (Updated)

Effect Measure, my favorite public health blog, has joined the SEED empire. EM's new URL is Update your bookmarks!

Update: Effect Measure is one of twenty-four science blogs to join SEED. The new arrivals include coturnix, Chris from Mixing Memory, Mike the Mad Biologist, and many more. Well played, SEED editors!

As part of the SEED kickoff, some folks at ScienceBlogs have launched Bloggers Challenges to help raise money for science education. Find out how you can help.


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Thanks, Lindsay. Much appreciated!

"Welcome to the SEED collective. Resistance is futile; you will be assimilated."

I guess you did not get my e-mail about a bunch of us moving over there last Friday.

No, I didn't. Sorry about that. Who else moved? I'll update the post.

Mike the Mad Biologist and me, of those I know that you know well. There are 25 new blogs there, which I have all listed here:
so you can see if there is anyone else there you are familiar with.

BTW, it would be really nice if you could send your readers to participate in our DonorsChoose fund-drive for science/math teaching programs for poor schools.

You can see my kick-off post, which includes all participants (19 out of 44 sciencebloggers) here:
All participating bloggers are posting regular updates.

Great! Fantastic! Thank you for your update!

Thanks, Lindsay, for doing this - I'm one of Bora/Coturnix's neighbors whose blog, Terra Sigillata, also moved recently to ScienceBlogs.

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