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August 16, 2006

Ann Coulter says anorexics don't have boyfriends

"Anorexics never have boyfriends. ... That's one way to know you don't have anorexia, if you have a boyfriend."--Ann Coulter

It's a sad comment on our society when Ann Coulter is just marginally less of a woman-hater than Details.


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I can't imagine that Coulter has a boyfriend but not because of anorexia.

Here's a classic example of a no-win situation for women: Jessica Simpson is described here as fat ("And that front pouch she's got going on doesn't help at all. It looks like she's hiding a diaper under there."), and in the post immediately preceding it we see a picture of a skeletal Nicole Richie. I think that most people will agree that Nicole looks like shit because she is OBVIOUSLY living in a VERY unhealthy anorexic state. However, I don't think Jessica Simpson looks fat, unless you insist on using Nicole Richie as your point of reference. So Jessica has a small amount of fat on her tummy. Whoopee-doo. Personally I prefer women with a few extra pounds because it accentuates their curves. (However, I also prefer them with a few extra IQ points, but no one's ever going to accuse Ms. Simpson of being mentally overweight.) It's totally fucked up. Unless a woman isn't her "ideal" weight (whatever "ideal" might mean), she's either a fat pig or an anorexic stick. It's no surprise that there are so many female celebrities with eating disorders. Why did Beyonce Knowles need to lose 20 lbs. for a movie? Was she supposed to be playing a junkie?

Ann Coulter and the last issue of Details are neck and neck in the misogyny steeplechase. I don't know what came over me. Maybe it was the shock of having some nebbish art director implying that glowing, magnetic women like Romola Garai, Kristin Davis, Jane Mansfield, and Anita Ekberg look like fat pigs.

...not to mention nasty implications of the assumption that being objectively fat by the standards of our culture is intrinsically unattractive, let alone evidence of gluttony.

Maybe on an ultra-charitable level, Coulter was saying that people who are viewed as unacceptably skinny can still be loved and desired. But that's really a lot to grant her.

Stupid joke. Nevermind.

She's such a dick.

I have grown weary of the whole debate. I guess if you think women are just gorgeous in general, it means in the minds of some that you have no taste, since you are not casting a large enough segment of women aside as undesirable. Myself I think that the geriatric Sophia Loren is finer than any woman identified above. But I guess I am just not a Real American Male (TM).

Coulter gets some tolerance in the U.S. for being a tall skinny blonde. But to me in her face she looks like an exhibitionist who uses hatred rather than nudity to scandalize people. All crazy hatred all the time. Frightening, like I think she would be hiding a razor blade if you got close.

Note to bloggers... stop posting about Coultergeist!

She is neither attractive or interesting physically, mentally,or intellectually. She's a two bit hack who has made a career by walking into rooms and peeing on the rug!

If people didn't post about her, she'd simply melt away like her counter part in the wizzard of OZ! Anybody got a bucket of water?

I think it's appropriate to talk about Coulter, but can we please stop talking about her ass?

Poor Ann’s getting loopier all the time. As for the body image thing, well, people (men, women, children) are like dogs: we come in all different shapes and sizes. You can’t turn a bloodhound into a whippet, and why would you want to?

But I can turn an all-bold thread back into a regular one ;)

And actually, I would like to change Ann Coulter's shape into that of Salma Hayek.

The camera adds 10 lbs is not just a saying, it has a very real source. Its a problem of optics. Most of the time when you see a celebrity you are seeing them either in a photo or on tv/film. Cameras have only one lense. Human beings have two eyes. It gives us depth perception, but also has the effect of allowing us to see slightly around objects. The camera makes people look flattened... blocky. The effect is that they look wider... our brains interpret this as fatter. Its not just insensitivity, or warped idealism.

Culturally this leads to men/women thinking in terms of camera standards, what looks good on camera must be healthy, especially in hollywood, its seen as objective, truer. It isn't.

I'm not one of those men who likes women 'with a little extra meat on their bones'. I'm not one who likes 'skinny' either. If there are any models that are to my taste its the 'fitness model' sort, women who look like they spend time in the gym, and not just on cardio.

Looks however can be deceiving. People who spend their time mocking rail thin actresses are just as bad as people who mock fat people. If you don't KNOW how they got there, your opinion is as useful as having just one lense. I don't really know much about this Coulter person.

Is Coulter as retarded as I think she is? Anorexics don't have boyfriends, ergo, if you have a boyfriend you're not anorexic? I don't have a boyfriend. Does that make me anorexic? And when my sister was struggling with anorexia throughout high school and college, should we have just let her waste away since she had boyfriends the entire time?

Or is she trying to make some disingenuous point about how anorexia supposedly comes from low self-esteem, so if you have a boyfriend you have good self-esteem....shit. I should stop trying to figure this out. It's making my head hurt.

The many levels of woman hatred in that's mind boggling.

I totally agree with Rasputin.

Ann Coulter, or at least the character she plays on TV, is nothing but a raving lunatic. Her positions have absolutly no thought or reason behind them, so there is no value in intelligent people discussing how wrong she is. The only reason that anyone pays any attention to her is because liberals can't stop talking about her.


A really skinny crazy woman starts talking about anorexia and a lack of boyfriends.

Where I come from, we call this irony.

I'd say that if there is a correlation, it's certainly not that boyfriends somehow innoculate anyone against anorexia. It's seems far more likely that low self-confidence 1) tends to make you less attractive to people, including potential boyfriends, and 2) renders you more vulnerable to afflictions such as eating disorders.

That is, if there is such a correlation, which I don't know about.

Yes. We should all listen to Ann Coulter on the subject of eating disorders, because (a) she's an expert and (b) she really *cares* about people. She's just such a compassionate human being.

So now the Cunning Stunt of the Right Wing is a medical and social expert? Maybe she can explain how she got that huge adam's apple. I'd say it was from going down on too many big ones, but since she only goes down on Rethugs, it's not too bloody likely she's ever taken a big one.

My, very, very right wing brother-in-law (he still regards Bush as an infallible hero) thinks Coulter is hot, hot, hot. Would it affect his libido if Coulter were to begin spouting off like Arianna Huffington?

I thought Arianna was gorgeous even back when she was married to that gay Republican. I regard Peggy Noonan as a beauty although she grows loopier every time she gets near a keyboard.

What if Lindsay becomes a Nazi after reading Gunter Grass?

I once knew a photographer who had spent time in Hollywood. He said many of the stars he met appeared "gaunt" in person compared with on the screen. There are reasons for screen tests.

I once calculated the Body Mass Index for at least a dozen Playboy Playmates (in lieu of a cold shower). With one or two exceptions, and assuming the data provided are true, the BMI of a typical Centerfold is below 20, healthy/normal being something like 20-25. Imagine the BMI of a fashion model!

I'm one of the rare liberal males who thinks that Ann Coulter was, on a purely physical basis, reasonably attractive, if a little skinny. "Was" refers to the late 1990s rabid Clinton hater version, from before her eyes started to sink into her skull and her hands started to look like the paws of an Eye-eye. That's based entirely on looks, which is maybe 10-15% of what I find attractive in a woman. She does have nice, if boring, hair.

I happened to catch the very end of the Miss Teen USA contest last night (strictly by chance!), and was pleasantly surprised to see that four of the five finalists were, well, somewhat fleshy. The skinny one was the first eliminated. Now, I agree that beauty contests are silly, but I thought this was encouraging.

Joe, what you say about camera looks is very interesting. Could you expand on it a little so that I understand it better, or give me a good reference (preferrably a link, but a written source will also do)? I'm not doubting you - I'm just interested.

They say the only stupid question is the one you don't ask, so here it is: Has anyone ever asked the celibacy touting Coulter if she's still a virgin?

Alon Levy, I didn't actually read it, a photographer friend explained it to me one night, she was having a discussion along those lines with her makeup guy. Both of them agreed that their respective professional 'bag of tricks' involved making people seem more natural... or 3 dimensional on film.
She mentioned photographing models at different angles, one leg forward, head tilt, arch the back, turn to the side.... he mentioned all the make up tricks... shadowing...etc... which goes much beyond what women 'require' for everyday makeup, all in an effort to compensate.
She seemed to think it was a pretty common issue, so I'm guessing 'how to' books on photography/makeup design would have the info in more detail. I'm no expert, but it seemed immensely reasonable.

And what Ann, lesbians wouldn't be gay if they just got a good deep dicking?

Dumber then a bag a hammers, this one is.

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