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August 07, 2006

Live from Lamont HQ

I'm on the ground in Connecticut at Lamont headquarters.

Everyone's buzzing about the latest Quinnipiac poll, which showed Lamont leading 51 percent to 45 percent percent, down from 54 percent to 41 percent of percent in last week's poll.

There are about 20 people in the office now--bloggers, volunteers, campaign staff, a local TV crew scheduled to do an interview with Ned in a few minutes.


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Looks like you got the numbers reversed Lindsay.

One thing I want to know: if Leiberman runs as an independent, will that put another Rebublican in the Senate?

If Lieberman wins in a close one, bet the bank that the Lamont team will trot out the usual Al Gore "voter fraud" line. Don't know how you'd make it with a straight face, but they got people to believe this tripe in Florida and Ohio, so why not add Connectictut to the list.

Alright you two, touch gloves, and let's have a good clean fight!

Oh, shit--Phantom gave us the foreshadowing, everybody--the Lieberman race will be thrown!

A pre-emptive 'voter-fraud accusation disallowal.'

I am placing a double-voodoo hex on Lamont, as taught by Dancing Harry at the Garden. Lets hope that he loses by ten votes.

I'll call your bet, Phantom, and I'll raise you another bank that if Lieberman loses by a squeaker, then it'll be his supporters who whine about voter fraud.

Don't worry, just run like it's yours to lose. Lamont will win. He's run a great campaign and people really are going to seize this opportunity to have a referendum on Bush.

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