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October 22, 2006

Why did Joe Lieberman need $387,000 in cash?

Joe's Boys, originally uploaded by Lindsay Beyerstein.

In the last days of the primary Joe Lieberman's campaign illegally withdrew nearly $400,000 in petty cash.

The Lamont blog has a partial list of what Joe didn't spend it on....

So, what did that $387,000 of slush money pay for? Goons?


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If I encountered these guys on the street I'd b e fearful of being elbow-titted (which happens on the streets of Texas cities all the time, btw.)

Oh, that must be why Lamont is down by 17% I think it was in the last poll. "Goons". Sounds like someone's getting ready to come up with Al Gore Florida type stories. In Connecticut for the love of God!

You there! Stay out of this. No matter who wins, you lose.

Whether Lamont is down 17 points or 70 points is moot. Damn near $400K in petty cash used in the last few weeks of a Senate primary campaign? That should raise a few red flags. Win or lose in the general election, someone (namely the FEC) should investigate the Lieberman campaign for this major discrepancy. Those numbers are WAY out of whack.

If Joementum wins the campaign fair and square then let him return to Washington unmolested by the slings and arrows of outrageous liberals (and in some quarters that means all of us). However, if there were any pecuniary hijinks then let justice be done. If Lamont did the same thing then I would be saying the same thing too. Fuck 'em if they can't win an election fair and square, regardless of party.

--Whether Lamont is down 17 points or 70 points is moot.--

No it's not. Besides the moral satifaction that I will gain, there's a little wager that I stand to win on. Could be a ray of hope in an otherwise unpleasant day.

The other ray of positive thing will be if Menendez the thief loses in NJ.

who gave them their signposts? buford t. pusser?

The other ray of positive thing will be if Menendez the thief loses in NJ. - The Phantom

And his challenger, Kean Jr. the mendacious prick, is so much better?

I'm glad I got out of Jerz when I did. Even if "Torture is Good" Nelson ain't such a hot pick, it's easy to choose between him and Candidate Harris.

I oppose hereditary politics. The sons or daughters of politicians should be banned for life from public office. Instead of "serving the public" they are just signing on to the family business, like John Gotti Jr.

Corzine may have made one of the biggest fuckups of all time by nominating this guy to the vacant office. For years, Menendez has been known as one of the very dirtiest politicians in NJ, and that is saying something.

Sorry, what is "elbow-titted"? Is that to be read litterly mudkitty? If so, ouch.

Cargo pants are still in, I see.

If Lieberman wins and switches sides, as many predict, he may end up in that vaunted Republican club - the indicted lawmakers club- when the FEC finishes their investigation and turns the info over to prosecutors.
He doesn't have to give the list of expenditures over to the press but he sure has to show it to the FEC.

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