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November 29, 2006

My cover story in the New York Press!


COVER UP: How New York’s buildings are disappearing beneath a blanket of never-ending scaffolds and backroom deals, by Lindsay Beyerstein


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big congratulations! Did you to the photo too?

Congratulations. I'm looking forward to reading this.

Very impressive indeed, and congratulations for making the cover.

Congratulations! Here's hoping this story gets picked up by some of the other media in town.

That's awesome! Congrats - they made a wise decision.

And here I was, all excited that Wonkette put up an email I sent them. Always showing me up, Beyerstein...

Holy smokes - mazel tov! cool cover too...

Good job. Will definitely read this.

Nice job. Hard to believe that scofflaws can scoff so openly, particularly when it can be unsafe. You'd think they'd want to avoid the inevitable hurricane of litigation when something goes really seriously wrong with one of these things, like falling on a bus or something.
Hope you get more gigs like this.

w00t! So happy for you! That's just so awesome.

Congratulations! That kicks ass.

That's awesome!


Congratulations are in order -- and doubly so for a piece of journalism engaged for the public good. But I have misgivings: will LB forget us populo minuto as she ascends to mavenship? I seem to hear a voice from the future, beginning in recitative and breaking into song:

She was a working girl
North of Juan de Fuca Strait
Now she's hit the big time
In the U.S.A.
And if she could only hear me
This is what I'd say.

Lindsay Bey you are making me crazy
I'm in love but I'm lazy
So won't you please come home.

Oh Lindsay Bey my position is tragic
Come and show me the magic
of your Manhattan song....


Is there any chance the Department of Buildings will finally allocate more resources to illegal sheds and fewer to adult establishments?

We're proud of you, Lindsay. Feel free to celebrate by tossing your hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore. You're going to make it after all.

Congrats, Lindsey :)

Sure you are already aware, but Amanda is linking you at

Thank you Lindsey for such an enlightening article. I walked over 50 blocks in NYC yesterday (don't ask) -- an area encompassing 2nd to 10th Ave. and 15th Street to 42 Street. No longer living or working in the city, I hadn't walked about that much recently. I was shocked at how much scaffolding was new or remained up for years now and how the pace of new contruction continues unabated. It is a blight on this great city.

Great story! Makes me glad for a few moments that I live in such a shitty little minimally-branded town....

Muchos kudos, Lindsay. (This must be your favorite comment thread ever.)

Nice going!


Its simply astonishing, the amount of scaffolding/covered sidewalks in NYC. You don't see this in any other big city in America, Europe, the world.

And "safety" has nothing to do with it.

Congrats! You did a great job, Lindsay.

Congratulations! Indeed, I always wondered about the scaffoldings too, and so do most of my visitors. Great job!

Lindsay -

It's an excellently written article, but as a city boy from the town that spawned the book "Bomb the Suburbs," I have to say that I feel like there is a piece of the story missing here. While you rail against "corporate graffiti artists," I can't help but wonder if this crackdown you point to is going to more often hurt poor and/or minority teenage kids with cans of spray paint - real graffiti artists - more than it's going to impinge on guerrilla marketing firms. Or, even worse, the young and poor people who end up getting hired by these firms to put the posters up in the first place!

I hope you'll follow up on who actually pays fines and/or goes to jail here.


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