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December 12, 2006

Bible study more important than doing job, says senior Bush appointee

Commandant Agi found the Christian Embassy's illicit Pentagon video...

In the commercial, Undersecretary for Benefits in the Department of Veterans Affairs Dan Cooper says his Bible study is more important than doing his job.

COOPER: It's not a matter of carving out time, it really is a matter of saying what is important. Because that's more important than doing the job. The job's going to be there whether I'm there or not.

What is Cooper's job? Well, according to Cooper's official Veterans Administration biography:

As Under Secretary, he directs the Veterans Benefits Administration through regional offices in 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. He is responsible for the administration of benefits provided by the Department to veterans and dependents, including compensation, pension, education, home loan guaranty, vocational rehabilitation, and life insurance.

So, nothing crucial, compared to Bible study.

Background: Yesterday, the Washington Post reported that four generals and three colonels appeared in the Christian Embassy video in uniform, in violation of Defense Department rules. It's not clear whether the filmmakers got permission to shoot inside the Pentagon in the first place.


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The jobs going to be there whether I'm there or not. And I'll be happy to send out an appropriate Bible verse to any disabled veteran drowning in a sea of bills, or fighting off insanity.

Nicely put Cass. I know several veterans of this current war and a couple that are still there, and man, are they struggling financially.

This is a prime example of why I am excited to see this administration go! While I do tend to lean a bit more right than left politically, I am by no means a supporter of the relgious right, nor am I overly religious myself. I do not see the need for religion in politics or government. SO bye bye Bush cronies and all of you zealotry! Only 2 years to go. Thank God! (Pun intended!)

I had the same reaction you did when I heard Cooper say that!

This reminds me of some lame corporate training video I've been forced to watch at work. Thanks for link, Lindsay.

Yo veterans. Problems obtaining vet's benefits? Bureaucratic hurdles too high? We’ve got a faith-based solution for you: prayer! We’ve punted the whole thing to Jesus and you can take it up with him. Short answer to your problems: “fuck you”.

No wonder this administration can't seem to do any of the little things government is paid buy us to do, like deal with disasters and take care of veterans. They are way too busy, reading the bible, raising funds, counting up their bribe money, and being wined and dined by Haliburton and Kellog Brown executives.

Once again, The Onion is a valuable resource.

I understand someone saying that their relationship with God is the most important thing in their life. But how does it help that relationship to blow off responsibilities to other people?

When Jesus comes back -- I'm guessin' sometime in 2009 -- do you want him to catch yew doin' yer godless WORK? Or readin' the BOOK? Yer eternal life depends on answerin' that correctly.

(P.S. -- by the BOOK, I mean the Bible... not that godless "DaVinci Code" with its weak prose and faulty plot... not to mention its godless satan influence.)

Trucker, funny stuff! but don't rip on the "Da Vinci Code". That story is real!!

Personally, I would rather be spending my time and efforts trying to help people in need than indulginging myself with a bit of lazy self agrandizinging scripture mumbling. Any Xian who has actually read and gained ANY understanding of the New Testament message would agree.

I don't believe in the Christian, Judeo, Islamic myths but I've read the books and spent a lot of time thinking about and meditating upon ideas contained there in.

I find it quite remarkable that the vast majority of Xians in the US, seem to believe it is all a matter of making a righteous pretense. Yet actually reading the book, the Jesus guy asked you to live a certain way and made it rather clear that the form of religion was meaningless. It is how you treat the people around you that actually counts. Yet you insist on believing that waving the book at the right time and making a loud show of being religious, has some sort of spiritual power.

Read it again. It doesn't work that way.

The Jesus guy himself said that those who make a big public show of being righteous and gain the respect of their fellows, has already recieved his award. The respect of those like himself. "Many will cry Oh Lord Oh lord, but I will not hear them."

A life of poverty, humility, and service to others, as demanded by the Jesus guy, is abhorrent to the great majority of American Xians. Yet you think a show of piety will save your ass, no matter how you actually live and treat the world.

You should praise reality that your Jesus ain't coming back cause most Xians would be in a shit load of trouble if it were real. You make a beig deal out of your so called belief but you don't actually live it. Or even seriously try to live it.

Your pretense of spiritual superiority is your great reward, enjoy it while you may.

Also, my Xian brothers and sisters, you might want to reread the description of the religion of the anti-christ in revelations. It sound very like the contemporary American version of political Christianity. According to your book, it will fool almost everyone. "The very elect, if it were possible."

Think about that. According to the book you tout, very, very few people will be in the category of the 'saved'. Those belonging to the majority religion that has fooled so many with it's political motivated values, are lost.

I don't believe in any gods. It is plainly obvious to me that the majority of American 'believers' believe in belief more than they actually believe in God and the Jesus guy.

Oddly enough, the complaints and threats of the religiously obsessed are brass gongs in the ears of most who have stepped outside arena of self serving mythologies.

Right on, Thomas!

You really have to wonder how many of the "Born-Again"s actually read that Book. The message is pretty freaking clear throughout the NT. Help those in need, love your fellow man, judge not lest ye be judged. "Announce you faith [in video format] to all, and ignore all else" is NOT in there.

People like Cooper are the reason why I don't know whether I consider myself Christian anymore... by the popular definition, I'm not one.

I'm not sure Jesus ever commanded anyone to "study the bible." I'm not sure why all these evangelicals think it's so important. Scientology is to Dianetics as Christianity is to the Bible is not an accurate analogy. I myself am Catholic, we hardly even know what a bible is.

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