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February 19, 2007

Amid all arridity and disillusionment

Amid all arridity and disillusionment, it is well to remember that the world has baby pandas in it.

[Hat tips to Dad and Richard in Vancouver]





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How does that vet not die of cute overload?

Another good cure for the arridity and disappointment, are Robert J. Lang's amazing origami arthropods. Is Mother Nature an origami artist? There's a wonderful metaphorical resonance in the connection between Lang’s abstract, geometric patterns and the models of insects and other living things they generate, because it so beautifully symbolizes the way that Mother Nature uses intricate patterns of folding to structure the fundamental building blocks of life, proteins, which derive their properties as much from the way their molecules are folded as their actual chemical composition.

Not just that there are baby pandas, but there are more and more. Best year at the breeding center, they are going to run out of room to put them.

Thank you so much for these photos...they make me want to leap on the first plane to China to visit these little scootums...

Not to be a nattering nabob, but why aren't those pandas with their parents?

Mother pandas can be very territorial and keeping that many baby pandas with their mothers would mandate a huge expanse of land. Also the mothers will go into estrus sooner if they "lose" their infants.

Check out zoo-atlanta/panda cam.

I have to agree: Baby Pandas are a perfect tonic, albeit temporary, for a lot of the crap going on in this world.

I was feeling a little down when I saw the link over at Skippy's place ... thanks! I needed a cute overload tonight.

ummmm panda love

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