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March 14, 2007

DePauw University boots Delta Zeta

Kudos to DePauw University for severing ties to the Delta Zeta sorority over allegations that the sorority purged its non-white, science-oriented, and/or non-conventionally attractive members in a drive to recruit a larger and more lucrative membership on campus. [NYT]


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the main (national) delta zeta website is, at the moment, entirely given over to a series of hilarious defenses of their action (mostly along the lines of "we would never do something like that, it would violate our charter and get our tax exemption revoked!" which they really should have run past an attorney before posting). Really one of the more entertaining destinations on the internet, at the moment.

are other schools under pressure to revoke their affiliation with the organization? If not, why not?

Somehow I sense/feel/intuit the following link is appropriate here ...

Just saying ...

I'm not a fan of the so-called Greek system, but the young women who were invited to stay but left out of solidarity are IMO worth singling out for praise.

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