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August 03, 2007

Yearly Kos Registration

Kossacks signing in for the Yearly Kos convention in Chicago on Thursday morning.


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How did you get so good at producing riveting pictures from the mundane? Is it just a matter of practice, or are there rules of thumb one can use?

I think the ability to make the ordinary fascinate the eye is the mark of a good photographer (see here for more examples). Anybody can shoot the unusual.

Wearing a tie-dye shirt to this event is unforgivably trite.

Unforgiveably trite? Hey, I'm just glad he's not wearing all black like most of the other boys I know (And the shirt has a big, creepy smiley face on the front.) He's 18 and a political junkie--you can't beat that. The trip was his HS graduation present, Yep, I'm his mom and that's me on the floor next to him. It's a multigenerational mania.

We had a great time. Sitting in the second row for the first decent presidential debate; meeting a ton of people we already feel we know; shaking hands with Bill McKibben and John Dean and Juan Cole and about a hundred future members of Congress; hearing Atrios toss off one-liners *in person*; hearing Christy and Marcy describe the scene in the courtroom at the Scooter Libby trial, hearing Digby get right to the core of any topic with such decency and grace--WOW. Let's just say we're glad we saved up our nickels.

I think you guys looked great. Glad to hear you were having so much fun.

I have a lot of wonderful memories of going to conferences with my dad when I was your son's age.

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