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August 28, 2008

Joe Biden and Beau Biden


Joe Biden and his family put on a great show at the Pepsi Center last night.

That said, I'm watching the news about Biden's lobbying connections with great interest.


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It should be illegal for a relative* of a member of Congress to be a federal lobbyist.

* - first cousin or closer



I've heard rumors that if Obama/Biden wins that Biden's son gets the job as Senator from Delaware.

I loathe politics as a family business--Kennedy, Bush, all of them.

I'm watching the news about Biden's lobbying connections with great interest.

Don't worry, a whole raft of K Street project beneficiaries have got their oppo research people working on it as we speak.


That attitude is why American politics has never been cleaned up and will never be cleaned up.

Everyone's fine with corruption so long as its their guys that are doing it. It is absolutely disgusting.

Did I say I was happy with Biden's lobbyist pals? I remember seeing him on CSPAN a while back shilling for the credit card companies and banks on bankruptcy reform and I was appalled. He's going to have to show me more than having grown up in a working class neighborhood before I'm entirely buying the "friend of the common man" line.

I didn't mean to come down like a ton of bricks on you personally.

I really mean it when I say that every one of them in the House and Senate and White House is a criminal and an enemy of the people. You don't get to those positions unless you've sold your soul repeatedly.

The "culture of corruption" is so imbedded into the entire system that I don't know if it can ever be cleaned up.

That's not moral equivalence - that's reality. I so wish that it were different.

I wouldn't say that every last one of the people on Capitol Hill is a criminal, etc. I think that some of them at least, even, God help me, some Republicans, come to D.C. with good intentions and would honestly prefer to work on real legislation rather than the whoring that has become necessary to do anything at all there anymore.

I think Tom Coburn's relatively straight. He's a nutjob, and his state's a net tax recipient even though he's officially anti-pork, but he's still fairly honest.

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