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August 04, 2008

Recommended reading

-Are contractors above the law? When it comes to electrocuting our troops in the shower...yeah, pretty much. [Daphne Eviatar, Washington Independent]

-Would President Obama prosecute former members of the Bush administration for torture? Don't get complacent. [Mark Benjamin, Salon]

-McCain ad insinuates that Obama is the antichrist. No, really, see for yourself. I blogged about the ad on Friday and didn't mention the anti-christ angle because I thought I must be the only person in the world who looked at a 21st century online campaign spot and suspected antichrist baiting. Turns out, I wasn't alone.

-Despite optimistic predictions about its web-based business model, the Politico is subsidizing its online operation with print advertising. [Ezra Klein]


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I saw the ad that mocked Obama as a 'thinly veiled' false Messiah, prior to this post. At that time I thought this ad from the John McCain campaign was a new low for the honored war veteran. I thought it would be transparent and obvious to most voters and have an effect that was opposite to the expectations of the McCain campaign. Perhaps it was intended more to sustain brand loyalty than to win new converts.

I wouldn't go overboard on the 'Anti-Christ' angle, since the ad is more insinuating of an inexperienced false Messiah and narcissistic megalomania than a prelude to the end times.

On the otherhand, it would be difficult to overstate the conclusion that John McCain is NOT the political figure of truth, integrity, and straight talk that he would like others to believe. My personal view is that he decided after the 2004 primary campaign to adopt the winning-is-all, no-holds-barred tactics of his republican primary opponents. Does anyone recall the untruthful, underhanded, character assassination of McCain by the Bush Campaign. Most people have forgotten that McCain's war record was called into question.

Now, McCain's legendary outbursts of rage are being channeled into smears, assassinations, and destruction of the political and personal kind. McCain's honest straight talk was corrupted into out-of-context quotes on a level and frequency I've not seen before. It is truly an art, though a dark one, to present just enough of literal fact and thus to convey meaning that is completely at odds with the truth.

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