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November 13, 2008

Dan Savage vs. Tony Perkins on Prop 8

[HT:Daily Dish.]


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It really isn't.

SNAP goes Levy.

It really isn't.

SNAP goes Levy.

I don't have instructions for polygamists. They can use what ever analogy they want. But, much in the same way that being black and gay is not the same thing, being gay and polygamous is not the same thing. But what is the same thing, is the bigotry, and the illegal, and unConstitutional, discrimination, against gay couples who want the same right as straight couples, to marry someone that they love.

So, Parse, are you making the claim that Prop h8te is even remotely, on planet Earth, about polygamy? I'm sorry Pal, you are just trying to deflect the argument and muddy up the waters. I'm not buying it.

TB, you do understand that my point in "It really isn't" is that Lindsay and Phantom write in completely different styles, right?

Yes ...

Tyler DiPietro: And gays have throughout history been considered perverts by their surrounding cultures

They have and they haven’t depending on culture. Extreme behavioral plasticity practically defines humans. The anthropological literature is replete with every size, color, and flavor of both marriage and homosexuality. Marriage as we are familiar with is just one approach among very many that people have tried and will try. There’s nothing immutable, and certainly nothing sacred about it. “Traditional” marriage fanatics could do themselves a huge favor and find more important things to worry about. – Getting an oil change, say, or washing the dishes, or clearing the leaves from the rain gutters, Jesus Christ, anything . . .

Traditional marriage, as represented in the bible is polygamous, and has never been just between one man and one woman (at a time.)

Mudkitty, the Bible represents pre-Western society - even conservative Christians usually admit that. It accepts slavery and polygamy, and yet Christians opposed both. If only they were as willing to cast aside the anti-gay proclamations as the pro-slavery ones...

"In the Declaration of Independence it is written: ‘All men are created equal and they are endowed with certain inalienable rights.’

“For…all the bigots out there: That’s what America is. No matter how hard you try, you cannot erase those words from the Declaration of Independence.

“That’s what America is. Love it or leave it.”

Harvey Milk

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