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June 24, 2004

One-handed blogging...on the phone with the FEC

Okay I'm back. I just called the Federal Elections Commission at the number provided by Mitch Cohen.

When you call, you'll get the automated menu. Stay on the line to speak with a person.

Leigh Wan answered my call. I asked her if it was true that the FEC was considering a ban on Fahrenheit 9/11 advertising. She said "yes." Then she put me through to a specialist, Darcy Yeager. I asked Ms. Yeager whether the FEC was going to ban Moore's ads. She said "We don't know. We've been theorizing all day." I told her that as an American, I opposed the censorship of Moore's ads in the strongest possible terms.

Ms. Yeager said that it was "a statutory thing." There are two ways of reading McCain/Feingold, she explained, and whether Moore's ads gets banned will depend on how the law is interpreted. She then asked if I would like to leave a message on the FEC comment line. Which I did.

I should add that both the FEC employees I spoke to were extremely nice and very efficient. I encourage everyone to call (800) 424-9530 . Make sure to ask to be put through to the comments line after you speak to a representative.


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