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June 18, 2004

What is it like to interview at the NSA?

The NSA is the CIA's bigger, scarier, more secretive brother. How does one become an NSA agent? Here's is one man's story...

I can't vouch for its authenticity, but it sure is entertaining, especially the part where the author concludes that he has cracked the NSA's secret psychological evaluation metric--the five factor model of personality.

In this excerpt, the author describes his Security Interview, which was held in a parked car in his driveway:

“Have I ever denied anyone their civil rights?” No. But the mind races: if I did, which ones? The 6th Amendment – The right to fair and speedy public trial? The 9th - Excessive bail? The 21st – The repeal of prohibition, by grabbing the last beer out the fridge at a party? Pursuit of happiness? But seriously, what they appeared to be most interested in this constitutionally sweeping question is bombing/over-the-line protesting at abortion clinics, which I concur is no laughing matter.

"Have I ever engaged in wife-swapping?” No.

When she asked this question I thought “I’m sitting in a Cadillac at the end of my driveway talking to a DoD investigator about whether I’m a swinger. It simply cannot get any weirder than this.” But in defense of the of the investigator’s questioning, Robert Hanssen, the FBI spy who sold secrets to the Russians, was into some over-the-top sexual escapades. It’s probably a fair question given current events.


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Hah-hah! To me it's pretty clear where he might be lacking in the psychological profile.

Looks like the link is dead.. any chance at a revival or resurrection? I'd love to read it... but it appears to be missing...


So I found the paper in question, and wow was it good:

Blogger- Lindsay? You might want to respond to folks that contact you about a fallacy with your site/blog, that is, if you want to remain credible. I contacted you yesterday, but in the span of three days you posted two recent articles... while they may have been scheduled, my belief is that you're actually there and chose not to respond to me via email, whatever your reasons. Your site appeared very close to the top in a 100 page search on Google, and it took me three days to find another source... in which time you could've replied. Just an FYI.

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