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August 07, 2004

Don't make any sudden moves

Remember that Pakistani hacker whose laptop contained all those floor plans? He was working for us--emphasis on was. The Bush administration outed their own double agent for political reasons (sounds hauntingly familiar, doesn't it?).

Kevin Drum reacts to the news that the Bush administration blew its own undercover operation [MSNBC]

What in God's green earth is going on here? I have a whole stew of reactions swirling around in my head about this. I'm beside myself that Bush administration officials are so spineless that they'd kill an undercover operation just to remove some political heat from themselves. But: I'm also angry that the reaction to Sunday's terror warning from Bush critics was so hysterical that the Bushies got panicked into doing this. And yet: I'm furious that Bush and his cronies have so corrupted our intelligence services that deep skepticism was hardly an unfair reaction. But: why did Tom Ridge insist on politicizing Sunday's news in the first place? On the other hand: why did the New York Times print this? Did they know they were blowing an operation? [Emphasis added.]

Kevin Drum is taking time out of an otherwise fine rant to criticize Bush's critics for criticizing Bush? First off, as far as we know, the critics were right. The administration still hasn't explained why the terror alert was raised on Sunday, and we have no reason to trust their competence or their good will. In a cosmic display of incompetence, they bungled their own sting without even vindicating themselves. More importantly, what kind of administration "panics" in the face of criticism? Do citizens have some responsibility not to startle Bush into suicidal flailing? Are we supposed to back slowly away from the keyboards and microphones to avoid spooking the Commander in Cheif?


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