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August 30, 2004

Straight out of Kafka

Imagine you are at home caring for your newborn when you hear a commotion. You look out to see 50 irate people gathered outside your home. Some carry giant gory placards. Some are snapping pictures of your property.

"Evil dwells here" the crowd roars.

At the time, you don't know that Father Frances McCloskey and Flip Benham snared you in a theocratic dragnet. Perhaps you've heard of them, though, they put on put on this little spectacle every year. They call it the "Oh, Saratoga" march. This year the group was trying to harass one of your neighbors, a physician who provides abortions through Planned Parenthood, but they got the address wrong.

"A murderer lives on your street," they shout, loudly enough to be heard blocks away. Then someone starts spewing homophobic slurs over the bullhorn.

As you may know, you have some very brave and forthright neighbors. Some of them go outside to exercise their First Amendment rights on your behalf. They are told by police to get back inside and quit "arguing" with the protesters.

As you probably heard over the bullhorn, the protesters claim to work for a deity known as "God". However, their Lord appears to be differently-omniscient about the suburban geography of Albany. Despite their similar nicknames, the Being worshiped by McCloskey and Burhnam has no no know ties to the "Awesome god" worshiped by some Americans in Red and Blue states.

Read the full story in the Albany Times Union, Abortion protesters target wrong house. This has been another good catch by Orcinus, who has been observing McCloskey and Benham for some time now.

[Via the fetus-loving, deity-doubting PZ Myers.]


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