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August 29, 2004

Unreconstructed Benthamite speaks out


The latest 527 Pleasure Boat Captains For Truth. See the ad. Know the truth.

A hedonic American tells his story:

When George W. Bush talks about his past, he uses the words "reckless" and "irresponsible." He claims that in 1986, after half a lifetime of hard drink and easy women, he finally sobered up-- and he wants us to believe he'll never revert to his hard-partying ways.
But the captains who piloted his pleasure craft during those "wild" years, as well as his fellow pleasure craft revelers, see him in a very different light.
Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth has been formed to counter the deliberate misrepresentation of George W. Bush's drinking record.   We seek to portray him as he was, and still is: a "lightweight."

[Hat tip to Thad. Image via NewYorkish]


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