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September 06, 2004

Prisoner abuse at the Garden

rnc_kickerCaught on tape!

Young Republican Kicks Female Protester , reports Jeralyn Merritt of TalkLeft:

Update: I received an email purportedly identifying the protester and forwarded it to Jen Maxfield, the reporter in the WABC video. Hopefully, the email will reach her. I will leave it to their investigative reporting staff to determine if its accurate.


Watch this ABC news video of a young Republican supporter kicking a female protester inside Madison Square Garden as she was lying on the ground being held by three secret service agents. The protesters were arrested. The young Republican was not. A search is on for his identity. Have you seen him?

Here's the ABC news viedo of an unidentified Young Republican kicking a protester pinned to the ground. [Best viewed in Netscape]

Criminologist Mark Kleiman remarks:

Kicking with a shod foot counts as assault with a deadly weapon in most states, though I don't know if New York is among them. About a year upstate would do this guy some good, don't you think?

One wonders why the security conscious Republicans didn't apprehend the jack booted young man on the spot.


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Thanks for publicizing this. It's Jeralyn though, not Jane.

My pleasure. Thank you for calling the story to my attention. Sorry about the misspelling. It's fixed now.

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