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September 13, 2004

Proof Paul Crouch hates America

This is an excellent piece of journalism. Summarizes new and old dirt on holy roller media mogul Paul Crouch, star of the latest televangelist sex scandal, As I See It: Independent wrestling loses a major TV outlet

As a sad postscript to the ECW tenth anniversary story and your comments over the last two weeks....Philadelphia wrestling fans were greeted this past week with the news that the longtime Philadelphia channel for professional wrestling (including the last one to air ECW locally); WGTW Channel 48 in Philadelphia, has been sold to the far-right Trinity Broadcasting Network, and will drop ALL wrestling programming [Emphasis original] (as well as other programming) as of September 30th, 2004.

Trinity Broadcasting Network, was founded in 1973 Paul and Jan Crouch, and bills itself as "the world's largest Christian television network". Its programming airs on a network of over worldwide network of 800 broadcast and cable outlets, from the "International Production Center" in Irving, TX.

In place of WGTW's longtime variety of programming, Philadelphians will be limited to such offerings as American Center for Law and Justice Today (an informercial for a right-wing "counterpart" to the ACLU), apocalyptic preacher John Hagee (ironically, a favorite of WWE's own HBK), "Revival of Power", and a number of syndicated evangelical preachers and religious services such as Marilyn Hickey, Rod Parsley, Creflo Dollar, and Kenneth Copeland.

The network also presents fringe programming such as Messianic Jewish (aka "Jews for Jesus") type shows.

TBN also operates a number of stations throughout the United States, and has undertaken at least one situation similar to that in Philadelphia...where a diversity of local and syndicated programming was replaced by TBN's all-religious format....[Enough about media concentration and wrestling. Keep reading for the salacious personal and financial details.]


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I don't think Paul Crouch hates America. But the recent gay encounter surrounding him will render America a few more points for America haters to bash the nation.

Now that TBN is so rich, it can go on for 3-5 years without raising funds from gullible Christians -- that is, if the crouchs' sell off their mansions and properties and decide to live modest lives as exemplary believers.

Be not deceived.

Paul and Jan Crouch are a blessing to America and the world. We from other nations of the world appreciate Paul and Jan and we are praying for them during this trying moments when the devil through his mercenaries is trying desperately to strike at the TBN family. Those of us that support them financially are not gullible Christians those that swallow every lie of the devil are the gullible ones. Paul Crouch loves America and the world and God will protect and bless him and the family. Be strong Paul and may God make your enemies your foot stool. One day the God haters will face God in judgement. We love you who misunderstand Christians like Paul and we pray that you may come to a saving knowledge of Jesus. What will the secular media feast on after the rapture?

All I can say is "BRING WGTW BACK". Sure, sometimes the programming was crap - reruns and the like, but it sure beats the hell out of the filth and garbage TBNs putting on.

Ugh. I feel like vomiting. Violently vomiting.

This is controversial point. In common, it was already discussed on many forums.


John. [craps ( ]

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