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October 18, 2004

Buchanan endorses Bush, likens self to pirate

Arr ye mateys. Captain Bush will keelhaul the scurvy Neocon bastards [Globe and Mail]

Only a Republican victory will force the neoconservatives who encouraged the invasion of Iraq to accept responsibility for the mess they created there, party dissident Pat Buchanan said Monday as he offered a grudging endorsement for U.S. President George W. Bush.


In his endorsement on Monday, Mr. Buchanan suggested that, unless Mr. Bush wins the election, his political advisers will be able to evade responsibility for the problems Iraq continues to face.

“The 'cakewalk' crowd cannot be permitted to get out from under this disaster that easily,” he writes. “They steered Bush into this war and should be made to see it through to the end and to preside over the withdrawal or retreat. Only thus can they be held accountable. Only thus can this neo-Jacobin ideology be discredited in America's eyes.”

While giving his endorsement Monday, Mr. Buchanan also expressed his hopes for the success of a revolution he says is brewing within the Republican party.

Citing the example of a pirate who had offered to fight alongside U.S. troops during the War of 1812, Mr. Buchanan said that it was time for him to “come home” to the Republican party.


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So that would place Buchanan on the AAAARRRRight-Wing of the Republican Party?

Buchanan a pirate? That is to laugh.

A privateer is nearer the truth.

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