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October 24, 2004

LGF hivemind cage match: Wolves Ad

The denizens of Little Green Footballs flame each other over the relative scariness of the Bush Wolves ad. Fight! Fight Fight!

#20 glwing  10/22/2004 09:43AM PST

#11 BlackOrchid

I agree. They tested it and it got high marks but doesn't work for me either.
Now had they used snakes slithering toward a child, a family in a American flag. That I would have liked.

#21 tankdemon  10/22/2004 09:46AM PST

I have always had a fondness for wolves, and think that they have very many admirable qualities. I agree with Thunder and think that they should have used some other animal. Perhaps the velociraptors from Jurassic Park. Of course, the wolves were being compared to terrorists, not Kerry. I prefer Bush the man in charge of keeping them from eating my family.

#22 Jonny  10/22/2004 09:47AM PST

Thats Awesome!

#24 JohnSteele  10/22/2004 09:48AM PST

#20 glwing

The metaphor (wolves = terrorists) works precisely because most people don't know anything about wolves.

The vast majority of people who will see the commercial in Ohio, Flordia, etc., will likely never see a wold in their lives, but they will get the message. Most of them know nothing about wolves and whether that is good or bad is immaterial at this point.

[...] [Extended testy exchange in which each participant asserts forcefully that he or she "knows something about wolves."]

#31 JohnSteele  10/22/2004 09:59AM PST

28 glwing

I know something about wolves.

As do I and I see them from the perspective of a suburban dweller in South Florida who will likely not encounter one in my daily life.

But I can also see it from the standpoint of the rancher or farmer. Wolves are not evil or bad, they just do what they do. It's just that sometime they run up against people who don't approve of them doing it in their backyard. :-) The perpetual conflict between man and nature.

But as ads go it isn't bad.


#40 Dave the.....  10/22/2004 10:05AM PST

I like the ad, but good point on the choice of animal. I wonder how the ad will play in Minnesota. Larger wolf population, but more respected then feared.

I think most people will get the point without saying "gee, there's nothing wrong with wolves".


#42 piglet  10/22/2004 10:06AM PST

Kerry's crap about listening to the world community reminds me of the Gamma ( or omega) wolf, the wolf that is at the bottom of the wolf pecking order (alpha to omega)
How pathetic to accept constant abuse rather than risk being alone. Omega wolf [...]


#55 j-damn  10/22/2004 10:22AM PST
I can certainly understand the perspective on wolves of those who have to protect livestock from wolf predation. It's just that that's not SCARY

Good Christ. You sound like some sort of Trekker debating timeline inconsistencies in the future life of Captain Kirk.

As long as you easily can get the gist of the commercial, who gives a damn?

In other words, sometimes a cigar is a penis, OK?

#57 j-damn  10/22/2004 10:24AM PST

I think for me, it just wasn't powerful enough. I would like to have seen one with something more people have an irrational fear of. For me personally, it's snakes.

Oh, for the love of...

Y'know, Karl Rove should've just hired a couple of cabbies and 7/11 clerks and dressed 'em up like Sheikhs and armed 'em with plastic scimitars and cartoonish cannonball-type bombs and put them in the woods instead of those wolves.

Would that have worked for ya?


#166 loki  10/22/2004 05:56PM PST

Rayra #156:
nothing but a wave of new posters / eco-uber-alles types hyperfocusing on Wolves.

The message is: if you aren't part of the clique don't post on LGF. This isn't a site for open discussion. It is a site for people to try to outdo each other with their pithy witticisms and inside jokes. It's fine for Rayra to get pissed at other posters, but heaven forbid someone argues back! Must be a troll! [...]

Sorry if the discussion on wolves didn't go in the direction you wanted it to. Seemed like an interesting discussion to me.

And, sorry--I watched the ad. It is just damn cute. I thought for about a second it was going to be scary with the first glimpse of a shadowy wolf moving through the woods, but nope. Just cute dogs. I'll turn down the sound and add environmentalism as a reason to vote for Bush. He must like wild animals!

[Hat tip to]


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On Playing "Animals"...
Haven't seen the wolf ad.

Being from PA, another "battleground state"
I've always identified with wolves:
Loyal to family

Of course, I'm playing the CD "ANIMALS" by Pink Floyd, one of my all time favorites.
From 1977 this musical "concept" album was way ahead of it's time...
Very up to date for today.

3 catagories of people:


I think the WOLF Definately fits into the Dog catagory...
But I've always tried NOT to catagorize people.

Although today... Many, Many Sheep abound.

Well, it's true of LGF, but it's also true of a lot of internet BBs/fora/blogs/etc. I think it's sorta inevitable, if regretable.

You missed the most stereotypical LGF comment of them all:

Around these parts, a common bumper sticker reads "Kill a wolf, save an Elk". Perhaps we need a companion sticker on the left side of the bumper. "---- a Dem Candidate, save America" Naw, Too subtle.

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