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October 01, 2004

Mama, you been on my mind

Great post by Bitch Ph.D: Professor Mama.

Dr. B. puts her finger on a very disturbing trend in our society. Construing every decision as a consumer choice invites resentment. People without children often get indignant when asked to "subsidize" people who have had children. If reproduction were just another consumer choice, such a harsh verdict might be justified. However, there's a sense in which family circumstances are just that, circumstances. Dr. B's point is that we should all make allowances for each other. She argues that a self-righteous, punitive, zero sum attitude is ultimately counterproductive.

This line sticks with me, "We all, every last one of us, with and without kids, need to resist the idea that the other person's "choice" is somehow unfair to us. Don't blame your sister because life isn't fair."


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I choose choice and respect other's choices, too bad I am in the minority.

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