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October 26, 2004

Tom DeLay to sue Howard Dean?

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I've received an unconfirmed tip that DeLay just filed a libel suit against Howard Dean. The target would be this ad Democracy for America is running in DeLay's district. If this is true (and treat as rumor until further confirmation), it would guarantee the ad gets played in countless news shows from here to election day.


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For those interested in politics, this does show that the forced redistricting of Texas was inevitably a mixed blessing for Republicans. In order to maximise the number of Republican districts, they had to reduce their "safety". Apparently, even DeLay's. And demographics will make those seats even less safe as time passes.

They apparently wanted a quick increase, with a concept of irrevocable legislation. Beware a Bush second term.

I love the last line: "Let's restore integrity to Congress ... without DeLay."

I have to say, though, I'm puzzled that DeLay is still running around wreaking evil in the real world, since we reported that he was taken over by liberal French cockroaches, who finally left the host and discarded the empty skin.

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