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November 24, 2004

Bush fears Canadian Parliament

We Canadians are a fierce and formidable people, but this is just ridiculous:

Bush won't address Parliament: sources:

Canadian Press with Globe and Mail Update

U.S. President George W. Bush will avoid a potentially hostile reception in Parliament and travel to Halifax next week to give a speech after his first official trip to Ottawa, White House sources say.

The side trip would come after a working visit Tuesday with Prime Minister Paul Martin and a dinner that night with hundreds of prominent Canadians at the Museum of Civilization.

A White House spokesman said Wednesday the final agenda was still being worked out but confirmed Mr. Bush wouldn't address Parliament. Details of the Halifax portion of the trip weren't immediately available.

The President will hold a joint news conference with Mr. Martin after the two have a lunch on Tuesday.

Sources say U.S. officials involved in planning the trip were worried about a cranky audience on Parliament Hill.

"We didn't see the need and, frankly, we didn't want to be booed. There are other, better venues" said one U.S. official.


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I vaguely remember him doing the same in Australia and the UK. Either he didn't address the MP's in Australia or some of the back-benchers weren't allowed into the room. Does Bush ever have a state visit that goes well?

Huh. Canadian Parliament and the NAACP--who knew?

As a proud Canadian, I can only express relief that Pres. Bush will not be addressing our parliament. We have enough idiots of our own saying stupid things, without having to borrow one of yours.

Nothing scarier than a Cranky Canuck! Why we're so angry we might resort to being coldly polite!

JEez... 4 years and this his first visit. Talk about a big F U to your neighbors. 4 years!

According to tradition after a US presidentgets his job his first visit should be to Canada. But did George W. Bush? NO! That son of a bitc* didn't even bother with Canada! We've been nice to them forever, and THIS is how he pays us back!? BASTARD!!!!!
I'm not a Canadian. I'm a Chinese currently living in Canada, and I believe Canada and China are the two greatest nations on Earth.

.........k? what was with the chinese thing? but yeah china is nice and bush is an sob. we can at least agree on that.

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