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November 21, 2004

Nixon loved that yacht

Atrios reports that the Republicans have set aside funds to repurchase the former Presidential yatcht.

One expenditure buried in the bill is $2 million for the Navy to repurchase the presidential yacht Sequoia. The yacht was built in 1925 and first used by President Herbert Hoover. In the throes of Watergate, President Richard M. Nixon cruised the Potomac at night on the boat and brooded on his fate.

When President Jimmy Carter was trying to rid the White House of an imperial image, he had the yacht sold to a private group for $286,000. Ever since, it has been rented out for private parties. [NYT]

Ah, good times:

Morning Edition, July 29, 2003ยท A floating retreat, the USS Sequoia was one of the places presidents from Hoover to Carter found to escape the rigors of office. Richard Nixon came to the 104-foot-long vessel on perhaps the most difficult moment of his presidency, the day he announced his resignation. Now there's an effort to preserve the former presidential yacht. NPR's Susan Stamberg reports.

Continuing the revival of traditional Nixonian values, Congress "accidentally" passed a bill that would have allowed two committee chairmen and their assistants to access to income tax returns without regard to privacy protections. RN loved peeking at his enemies' tax returns.


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Is there any reason the Democratic Party or some other major liberal organization can't take out daily or weekly ads in national newspapers to publish a scorecard of what the Republicans are trying to quietly (or not so quietly) put over on the nation? Keep it short and sweet: bullet points and summaries and give sources to go to for more in-depth coverage. Keep their feet to the fire and keep the Democratic agenda out in front of the public.

Good idea, but it should be more targeted for specific websites rather than thinly spread via newspapers. For example, putting Istook's tax snooping proposal on libertarian websites. Or putting the proposed cutback in college loan funding on campus websites, etc..

Who put the yacht into the appropriations bill? Reminds me of the train car where the Treaty of Versailles was signed: a symbol of power, a sign to your enemies.

Who put the yacht into the appropriations bill? Reminds me of the train car where the Treaty of Versailles was signed: a symbol of power, a sign to your enemies.

Too bad a snarky Modern European History teacher read this.

The Treaty of Versailles wasn't signed in any train car, but in the Hall of Mirrors at the palace of Versailles. That's why they call it the Treaty of Versailles :).

The Armistice of 11/11/18 that ended the shooting in World War I was signed in a train car (just a plain old dining car, nothing special). The same car was used for signing the French armistice in 1940(it was later destroyed in an Allied air raid on Berlin).

Giving Bush the yacht is just one more step to restoring the Nixonian Imperial Presidency in all its glory. The next, I suppose, will be Ruritanian Palace Guard-style uniforms for the White House police. Nixon actually tried that, but the resulting public belly-laugh was so loud that the fancy getups, Germanic-looking headgear and all, had to be shelved. One wonders what would happen this time around.

Thanks Angry Blue Planet,
I had given into the lazy urban legend.

The fourth world war
will be faught
over water.
The quenched will call the shots...
so the thirsty can help
the wounded.


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