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December 31, 2004

Blackwell: "Gag me!"

Nice catch from Michael Froomkin. Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell is lobbying for a self-imposed gag order.

Ohio Official Refuses Interview Over Vote:

Monday December 27, 2004 11:46 PM


AP Statehouse Correspondent

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell has requested a protective order to prevent him from being interviewed as part of an unusual court challenge of the presidential vote.

Blackwell, in a court filing, says he's not required to be interviewed by lawyers as a high-ranking public official, and accused the voters challenging the results of ``frivolous conduct'' and abusive and unnecessary requests of elections officials around the state.

Luckily, while we were sleeping off the tryptophan, the Kerry-Edwards team intervened to preserve the evidence.


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I would suggest that we gag him with a spoon, fer sure!

In Ohio, we need to focus on the Secretary of State's race in 2006 and things like this, eventhough Blackwell probably won't run for this office, should be a great issue.

This guy is doing everything he can to act like he's got something to hide.

As has been noted elsewhere, he was the Ohio co-chair for the Bush/Cheney 2004 re-election campaign.

As to the audit of the perception of conflict of interest in Blackwell’s other role as Honorary Co-Chair of the Bush-Cheney Ohio Campaign, he seemed less definitive. “We have a bi-partisan system in Ohio where the Hamilton County Chairman of the board of elections, Tim Burke, is also the Democrat chairman of the Democrat party in that county.” I’ll pause the quote here to note that said party does business as the Democratic Party and the Republicans’ obsession with that little ‘ic’ has always seemed peevish to me, even when it’s coming out of John McCain’s mouth. Blackwell continued: “The same for Dayton. The Democrat Chairman is the Chairman of the Board of Elections in Montgomery County.”
via Bloggermann Keith Olbermann

Years ago, before he ran for sos, Mr. Blackwell was quoted in an Ohio newspaper (though he claimed that it was a misquote) as saying that "[t]he only thing worse than running for secretary of state would be being secretary of state." My guess is that he found a way to make the most of it.


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