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December 15, 2004

East Coast/West Coast rivalry

Brian Leiter points to an interesting discussion unfolding at Thoughts Arguments and Rants about the editorial policies of Philosophical Perspectives.

As goes hip hop, so goes analytic philosophy:

X, not Y, gets it right regarding my quick remarks about the “West Coast” philosophers Y thinks I have tastelessly insulted, “dissed” and who knows what else. I’d have thought Y knew me better than to accuse me of such a thing but I guess I’m wrong about that (I’m sorry to learn that Y opinion of me isn’t what I thought it was).


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Quick! We must nip this in the bud, before the bloodshed starts!

Now let's not go too far there - a little bloodshed might open up some tenure track positions in a couple years.

God forbid that an young individual not from a major department might get something published.

I did do some skipping, but in what I read, the only person who said that the quality of the work in the volume was relevant was promptly slapped down. The procedural question is apparently what's important.

I don't know whether you linked to this to show people what a stuffy, petty, bureaucratic, medieval-scholastic hell-hole academic philosophy is, but that's what you succeeded in showing me. I often regret not having chosen an academic career, but now I remember why I didn't.

Clearly the solution is to have a freestyle battle. West Coast represent!

West coast is a state of mind - east coast is a actual state. Groovy baby!

East kills west. west only surfin pussies

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