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December 08, 2004

Hero Captain's Database

Attention crime fighters, Jonathan has created the Captain's Database a fortress of all of our superhero avatars.

Also, keep submitting your links to the Super Hero Register, below.

Important information: A lot of people are having trouble saving their avatars. The Hero Generator doesn't have a direct export feature. You have to create your character, do screen capture, save as a .gif or .jpeg. Submit to the Captain's Database and/or upload to your blog. Post the link in the comments of the Superhero Register.

UGO saving and exporting instructions


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Actually, that link just goes to the hero generator itself.

Here's what the people want to know:

Mac OS X - Press cmd-shift-4. Your cursor will turn into a crosshairs. Draw a box around your hero. It will be saved to your desktop as "Picture X".

Mac pre-OS X - Press cmd-shift-3. Saves the entire screen as a screenshot. Crop in a graphics app.

Windows - Can you even see your hero behind all the popups and spyware? (Just kidding. Hit "print screen" to save a screenshot.)

Also you can print to PDF in OSX.

Popups? Spyware? Firefox, AdAware, Spybot.

Paperwight, I'm afraid I don't understand. Please explain.

He's talking about the hoops Windows users have to jump through in order to avoid spyware and other crapware -- which are unfortunately not much help when you're stuck working on the office PC, or someone else's PC.

For instance, I tried installing Mozilla on my Dad's XP machine last Xmas, after having gotten completely fed up with IE. I have my own account on that machine, so I figured -- based on my experience in every other multi-user computer environment -- that making Mozilla my default browser would not affect any other users on that computer. I soon discovered otherwise. I also discovered that -- ironically -- it was really fucking hard to set IE as the default browser again after Dad threw a temper tantrum and insisted I make everything back like it was before.

Windows is a pain in a lot of ways, but there are ways to deal with it, many of them free. Of course, if I didn't have to be 100% compatible with some of my clients who use Windows, I'd probably run Linux and dual boot into Windows only if I wanted to play a game.

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