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December 13, 2004

NY art show closed over Bush monkey portrait


Bush Monkeys,' a painting by 23-year-old artist Christopher Savido of President Bush, hangs at the Animal gallery on New York City's Lower East Side, December 13, 2004. The portrait of Bush using monkeys to form his image led to the closure of a New York art exhibition over the weekend and anguished protests on Monday over freedom of expression. Photo by Mike Segar/Reuters. [Full story]


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Look, monkeys are a LOT cooler than jellybeans. If Reagan's portrait can have jellybeans, then if Bush's monkey portrait is closed for having monkeys, then it's because the monkeys are too cool to be a portrait of Bush, not because it's insulting.

Thanks for finding this picture... you got linked to by some other blogs with fair numbers of readers today, so I imagine more visitors will be headed your way!

Are those even monkeys? They look like chimps to me.

re: Bush as monkey slur

How many times have I heard liberals express shock and horror when minorities are described in colorful metaphorical terms. The number is legion.

Recently we have witnessed leftie cartoonists reducing Condaleezza Rice to a "brown sugar" babe and Uncle Sam's "lil black girl". We have seen constant reference to G.W as a chimp, monkey and very possibly a baboon. To call this hypocrisy is an understatement. But, of course, when liberals do it ... it's supposed to be overlooked.

The good news is that in taking on the worse characteristics of everything they have traditionally condemned in conservatives ... we know with a certainty that liberals are getting desperate.

i like the monkey the way they act to be .... it's nice to have them in home.....

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