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December 05, 2004

The superhero draft

(A guide for the perplexed: Many people are arriving from Brian Leiter's site wondering what the superhero draft is. Various bloggers started using the UGO Hero Generator to construct a superhero avatar with Flash. Examples: Super Majikthise, and many others. I started the super hero draft to encourage other bloggers to join in the fun.Visitors might also be interested some of the more serious philosophically-related material.)

The superhero-avatar-meme is gathering force. Not concidentally, there has never been a greater need for an elite crime fighting force to battle the forces of Evil. So, in the general spirit of frivolity and public-spiritedness, I propose a superhero draft.

The following bloggers are prime super-hero material who may need only our encouragement to self-actualize:

The crew at Lawyers, Guns, and Money
The boys at Needlenose
Brian Weatherson (appropriately, author of a new paper entitled Morality Fiction and Possibility)
The wise and pugnacious Brian Leiter
Dynamic duo Jessica Wilson and Benj Hellie
The superherosapient John and Belle
And last, but not least...Digby! Digby!

Nominate your own candidates below.

Draftees are invited to construct their identities using the UGO Hero Generator

Late-breaking but eminent (if not imminent) draftees: Becker and Posner

How could I have forgotten: Sean Carroll and Chris of Mixing Memory. Sean is an Atom Scientist and Chris studies Brains in Vats. Radegast is already suited up.


When I saw the title of this I thought it would be like the NFL Draft. Ah how I pine for the days when 'draft' referred to a not terribly justifiable feature of the sporting world rather than a terribly unjustifiable feature of the actual world.

It's like the NFL Draft, only more just!

"The superhero invitational tourney" just didn't have the same ring to it...

I think we're going to need a UGO Villain Generator so that this league of superheroes has something to do.

I can think of a few things for them to do.

Something of a Fantasy Justice League, eh?

My first pick would the The Rude Pundit, but I prefer more fringey superheroes like Rorschach.

I'm obliged to recommend my friend Julian Sanchez, who cut a pretty mean Rorschach. Though his previous Halloween's Joker equally qualifies him for the Villain Insurgency. Frankly, he'll dress up for any reason you give him.

Wow. I'd forgotten about Julian's Rorschach costume. Such a master of disguise would be an asset to any crime fighting federation.

I appreciate the nomination, but me in tights is not a good look. :)

Graphics aren't my strong suit, but how could I resist? Besides, one of the insignias resembled an early rejected version of the Needlenose logo:

Yes, that would be Green Boy at my feet.

Be forewarned. There is no way to make the output of that superhero-maker not look like a Chippendale dancer with an important gene missing.

Here's the link to mine:
(Any resemblance to John Ashcroft is purely incidental).

I'm honored by the invitation. I had an outstanding superhero near completion when I accidently hit clear and erased it. Watch out for that damn clear button, people.

John and Belle's avatars already look like silver-age comic heroes, though they're more space rangers than superheroes.

John and Belle's avatars already look like silver-age comic heroes, though they're more space rangers than superheroes.

Fubar, I had no idea having a little dog humping your leg was one of the superhero options.

Are you kidding. It's one of the perks.

Fubar has always had rather unique ideas concerning what "superhero powers" are for.

In fact, he seems to have confused the entire draft exercise with an opportunity to audition new characters for the Village People.

Hmm, if I'm going to join a superhero league I'd better get a mask ...

I also had my hard work erased by accident. I'll get around to it. Hard to resist the call of the people and all that.

I love watching this meme spread.

Is anyone with spare web space up to creating a gallery of superheros?

Brian Leiter ranks things for fun. He's a brilliant professor, but I'm not sure his skills aren't better suited for the academy.

Eric Muller on the other hand has been fighting the She Beast (Michelle Malkin) valiantly for months now. I think he deserves a nod.

Wheee! I've been having intense fun with this.. of course, I'm semi-sorta-kinda-blogless, having just my livejournal ( for anyone who wishes to see.. FACT MAN!

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