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December 12, 2004

The Superhero Register (now >>80% more super)

The latest additions to our elite crime-fighting syndicate:

Swopa (and "Greenboy"); Fubar; and Greenboy (Needlenose)

Rana Ravens (Frogs and Ravens)

Rorschach (Julian Sanchez)

Cognitive Scientist (Chris of Mixing Memory, scroll down)

Itinerant Hobbit (Paperwight)

Rob; Scott; DJW (Lawyers Guns and Money)

The LEMMINGS: Logic, Epistemology, Metaphysics, and Mind (Matt Carter, via Brian Weatherson)

Monkey Mask with Consort Puss-n-Boots (Greater Nomadic Council)

FACT MAN (Finback)

Monkey Dave (100 Monkeys)


Deadly Digger (Digger's Realm)

Jenwaaah, saving the world from the dangling modifiers and other crimes of grammar. (Nonense Verse)

Biomesboy (Biomes Blog)

Quailman (SciencePolitics)

The Socratic Shadow (Philosophy, etc.)

Dynamic duo: BeeBaaBarina & Yar, Hunter from World W' (For the Record)

Tashole (Loaded Mouth)

CESA the Creationism Smasher, splicing for truth, reason, and the scientific way! (Cogito Ergo Sum Atheos)

Neil the Werewolf, heroic and consultative (The Ethical Werewolf)

Mad Eye Julie (Julie Saltman)

North Wind (Back of the North Wind)

Architecht X (Miniver Cheevy)

Dr. Cosmos (Sean Carroll)

Country Philosopher & Coco (Oohlah)

Keep those submissions coming, folks! Be sure to specify superhero name, backstory, and/or special powers, if desired.

Please let me know if you've submitted an entry that doesn't appear above. Post your link in the comments below, or trackback to this post.

As Dr. Pharyngula noted, we need to fill the Rogues Gallery, too. If anyone would care to envision an avatar for, say, some University of Tennessee law professor, Senate Majority leader, or what-have-you... The rule is that the villain has to be identifiable without actually supplying his or her real name.

Could it be...the arch villain Big Pharma? (from MonkeyMask)

Let me guess...his initials are TC (from Loaded Mouth)

All Hail Culture Warrior he's prayin' up a firestorm (Dan at DTWW)


Hey ... hey!! I'm sure you're posting a hurry and all, but please be sure to use the right link to Swopa and Green Boy!

The indignity of it all...

Fixed. Great avatar.

I love these things. Thanks for the list o' links!

Testing your comments.

I had trouble with mine. I had to send my specs to a Mac in order to make a JPEG, then send it back home. Hopefully tonight I will be able to load it onto my blog. I'll let you know, if I am succesful, so you can add it to your list.

Oh man, I just made an awesome Tennessee Voldemort but my computer ate it. I'll try to do another one tonight.

Thanks, Lindsay.

It would be a cold world indeed if even our fantasies were replaced with cruel, imposed substitutes.

Speaking of which, Green Boy has decided to step up and avatar himself, rather than settle for the non-human forms we imposed on him.

I like the idea of him having the power to shape-shift into a crocodile at will, though. (Usually around mealtimes.)

Well I made up a pretty boss superhero. I'm leaning toward calling him 5th Ave Shark. But when I saved him from the site he was converted into a long line of code, and I haven't figured how to change him back. But it was fun.

Thanks for all the submissions.

Ben, in order to export your superhero you have to do a screen capture and save the file as a .gif or a .jpeg. Then upload your image to your blog. Finally, post the link here or do a trackback to get included in the next update.

Save the line of code in a text editor and paste it back into the UGO-generator to regenerate your avatar. You still have to export it the complicated way, unfortunately.

Jenwahhh, Superhero, here to save the world from dangling modifiers and other crimes of grammar:

This got out of hand. We created a web site to contain our avatars.

Blogs and Bliki to follow...

I had no idea how to do the screen capture deal for these things until I came across this:

"Try doing a screen capture, posting it to paint, using the box tool to select only your character, ctrl-c, ctrl-a, del, ctrl-v, Then save it, and crop it by going to the bottom right corner and changing the box size so that it fits your character. Then save it again. After that use an image-hosting service..."

You'll also have to convert a bitmap image to a jpg if using MS paint (I think I have now officially spent way too much time on this).

Here's mine, finally, after a couple of Mac<->PC conversions of files:

I wish I could send mine, SabreeaGoth, but it's not in jpeg form. Maybe I can send a link if I can get a friend to blog this -- lots of comic geeks among his friends! So much fun!

Nice work, Mark. The mohawk sets off the whole ensemble.

I'd really like to be added but I'm still having a problem. I can't seem to do a screen capture because the printscreen key on my computer isn't working. It's a Sony Vaio. Any suggestions?

Who can resist? Introducing... Beebaabarina, Yar, Hunter from World W', and their trusty sidekick BeatBatCat Ben.

Alas, my blog doesn't support a trackback function, but here is my superhero self, splicing for truth, reason, and the scientific way!

A villian, Lindsay? Ask and you shall receive.

The story is here.

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