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December 13, 2004

Ugly Christmas lights

Ezra Klein thinks we liberals need to denounce more stuff. Not, mind you, that we should actually do anything to stop these offenses against public decency.

Why can't the left complain about bad art (eg. the foregoing Group of Seven meets Hopper in Baghdad), instead of, say, immoral video games. The right owns immoral pop culture, but just plain ugliness can be ours.

Biomes blog points to Also: deadly Christmas lights.


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Don't we already complain about bad art?

Shouldn't we complain about something that might generate notice?

I would like to complain about people who drive too slow when I am in a hurry.
Oh, and people who think they are morally superior for eating poor, defenseless plants.

That's it, JahSwamp! I read all about this in "What's the Matter with Kansas?" Thomas Frank calls it Plen-T-Plaint. We liberals need to start filling the PTP-gap by reciting our litany of things that annoy us and serve as ever-more-encompassing metaphors for the weight of the bankruptcy of our country and culture.

OT (but pimpin'):

Majikthise readers should go here and nominate this blog for the 2004 Koufax Awards (as Atrios says, the only awards that matter). A few people have already nominated Majikthise for "Blog Most Deserving of Wider Recognition," but many don't seem to realize that it's also eligible for "Best New Blog."

Here ends the pimpin'.

Oh, no no no.

We need more kitsch to lighten this dark world.

Here in Atlanta, Christmas light snobbery is the domain of the Northern Arc GOP rich where only the tasteful white lights will do.

Screw Christmas light snobbery.

The Democratic spirit is to put up Christmas lights to please a six year old's aesthetic, not your home owner's association. That is as it should be.

More elves, more colors, more Santas, more more !!

How about we start by denouncing bad policies that actually have an impact on people's lives - then we'll move on from there.

Thanks for the link to UglyChristmasLights.

This year, I hope to get a picture of a real favorite of mine: These people mount Santa's head over this light on a post by their driveway.

"Bring Me the Head of Kris Kringle!"

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