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January 06, 2005

Vote Majikthise for Koufax

Majikthise has been nominated for a Koufax Award for best overall blog by a non-professional. Please click here to show your support.

Here are my picks for the other categories posted so far:

Most humorous, Fafblog.
Best group blog, Needlenose.


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what are the ethics regarding voting for oneself?

As you may have guessed, I'm all for bloggers voting for themselves. This is a fully universalizable rule. It's like an election. Candidates can vote for themselves and encourage like minded people to do the same. It's all good as long as no one gets more than one vote per race. Besides, Thad informs me that one of the Koufax sponsors specifically said the rules allow people to vote for themselves.

One could argue that it's unfair for a larger blog to promote itself on its own site because big blogs have access to a larger pool of potential voters. A small blog with a very dedicated following might be unfairly disadvantaged relative to big blog that incites its readers to get out and vote. The Wizbang Awards minimized this problem by dividing blogs into "weight classes" based on traffic.

You're not voting for us? Sniff, sniff.

Like the woman said, hilzoy, it's like an election. Which means mutual back-scratching, influence peddling, the works.

And the morally pure types are left on the outside looking in.

yes, but its not an election to a post, its more an "honorific" if thats a word. im not against voting for oneself or self promotion but seeing that you seconded your own nomination did cause me to chuckle.

and, geez, if you cant find morally pure types on a liberal philosophy oriented blog, where can you?

Dude, Dwight and MB encouraged bloggers to nominate themselves in the first round, and many did (although FWIW Lindsay did not).

Everyone who was nominated by even one person -- even if that person was them -- in the first round advances to the current "semi-finals," where lots of people have already voted for themselves in various categories. And, since you are also allowed to vote by email instead of in the blog comments, it's theoretically possible that everyone votes for themselves.

If the organizers of the Koufax award actively encouraged people to nominate themselves in Round 1, they clearly have no problem with those nominees voting for themselves in Round 2 -- as many nominees (not just Lindsay) are electing to do.

Anyway, the Koufax Awards are all in good fun -- mainly they are a terrific way to find out about new and cool blogs you might not otherwise have discovered. Getting hung up about the morality of someone exercising their right to vote for themselves is a little bit beside the point, don't you think?

... if you cant find morally pure types on a liberal philosophy oriented blog, where can you?

Oh, dear. I'm afraid I have some bad news for you .... ;-)

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