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February 06, 2005

Corporate Love Council


RedStateson reports:

This'll warm your heart -- South Korean capital, distressed by the growing anti-corporate mood of that country's youth, have formed the Corporate Love Council. Because commodification and low-wage zones are simply a different way of saying, We Care.


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I'd like to give you a little teddy bear.

Well... I, for one, think we're a lot better off with corporations as a possible mode of business organization, rather than relying solely on unlimited-liability partnerships and sole proprietorships. I suspect most people feel the same way.

... but loving corporations in general, as opposed to merely approving of their existence as a legal construction? Generic calls for loving humanity, "love thy neighbor as thyself," are viable, but "love thy corporation as thyself" isn't gonna fly.

Come on fellow workers, join me in the corporate love song!

Oh Halliburt', thy gentle bosom ripe
Don't let those asbestos suits hinder thee
Crush the enviroment and worker's rights
beneath thy corporate boots!

The Corp' is great! The Corp' is strong!
be their methods victorian
And their hatred of unions just

Oh Halliburt' and your bribery
your low wages lift my soul!
You protect the world from devilry
inherent is your right
to steal from, and to kill the poor

Jehovah loves you, Halliburt'

When I lived in South Korea in 1996 and 1997 the government used to run propaganda before movies stressing worker-management cooperation. I couldn't really understand what they were saying but they usually were along the lines of loyal workers crossing picket lines in order to help managers run factories during strikes. I'm not sure how effective this was because there were major strikes going on at that time where the unions killed people they considered traitors.

One thing Koreans don't have to worry about that we Americans do is the mounting debt crisis with credit cards we have. Bankruptcies are at an all time high becaause of this.

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