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February 28, 2005

Curse you, Gil Cates

Why some "technical" award winners got their Oscars in the cheap seats. [Reuters]


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I'm okay with the making everyone stand on stage bit, but I thought it was really cheap to give the Oscars in the seats.

I like the sound editing winner's quote on how the awards are all artistic awards: they won not for technical developments, but for how the equipment - makeup, sound booth - was used in the service of art.

What is Gil Cates' rush? Why should how long the Oscars take be the story? Do they cut away from World Series games that go into extra innings?

It's a good first step toward eliminating the Oscars entirely. I'm a gradualist. And how could anyone be angry at Phoebe's dad? -- though Uma's dad is much more interesting. (If I happened to run into Uma, I'd ask for an introduction to him).

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