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February 19, 2005

Declaration of Independence still not banned at Stevens Creek

As you may recall, the the Alliance Defense Fund falsely claimed that Stevens Creek Elementary School had banned the Declaration of Independence. As we later learned, the Fund was cynically drumming up publicity for a lawsuit by Steven Williams, a Stevens Creek teacher and serial proselytizer whose principal wouldn't let him teach from a religious tract that referenced the Declaration.

The parents of Stevens Creek are still struggling to set the record straight about their school and the machinations of the Alliance Defense Fund. To this end, they have created a website called We The Parents, an excellent source of information about the legal battles and the impact of the fake scandal on Stevens Creek and its students.


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Snarky "still" noted. APPLAUSE rises. FADE OUT.

I am appalled that the Declaration is still not banned. What can concerned liberals do about this travesty?

In your first para... is it "principle" or "principal"?

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