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February 15, 2005

Google says "Triumphalize this!"

Mithras has noticed a troubling development:

In the past few hours, Google apparently updated its database and moved blogs way, way down the list of search results.  First Atrios mentioned it and thought it strange,  and then Sisyphus Shrugged found it had happened to her.  That prompted me to google my own site, and it's true for me, too: this blog was the first search result for "Fables of the reconstruction" and the third (I recall) for "Mithras" until now.  Now, it is the 53rd result for "Fables of the reconstruction" and does not appear at all in the first 200 results for "Mithras" (although, strangely, my profiles on other websites do show up in those results.)

Strangely, this blog still has a google pagerank of 5 (out of 10), which is google's numerical way of denoting importance. [Read the whole thing.]


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This happened to me several times when I had my site up. For awhile I came in first for the name "krubner". Then, for awhile, it seemed like I was almost banned from Google. Searching for my name would bring up comments I'd left on other people's sites but wouldn't bring up my own site. Then later my own site came back, fairly high in the rankings. All this with no change on my part to the site, other than posts.

The thing is, Google is constantly fighting the spammers, and I think some of the tweaks they make to their algorithms to defeat the spammers have unintended effects. At one point you could tell a weblog from a spam site simply by watching which sites pinged, but now I think spammers are also pinging

How do you ascertain a 'page rank'? Our site still seems to place just fine.

Whatever it is, I'm unaffected. My Spaces blog is #1 for the query "Combining rows in Access". If there's any way to be lower in the food chain than MSN Spaces, I have yet to find it ...

It'll be interesting to see how this develops. So far my Google hits don't seem to have lessened. And I've followed them back to the original searches and found that my posts are still pretty far up the page.

For instance, if you do a search for "threesomes" my post with that title is near the top of the second page, not bad considering how much porn I have to compete with.

That post features a link to your site, Lindsay, by the way.

And a search for "naked sixteen year old males" turns up one of my posts on the first page.

So I'm still getting a lot of pervert traffic.

On the other hand, a search for "cottonheaded ninny-muggins" used to turn up my post by that name right up top but I've just gone through five pages and not come across it.

Google's letting me keep the pervs but it's losing me that crucial 8 year old fans of the movie Elf traffic.

Google should give you a 10 out of 10 for looking amazing in a Johnny Cash shirt.

Yeah, Echidne of the Snakes is still No. 1 for "echidne", but when googling "atrios" Eschaton's dropped right off the map. Even when googling "Eschaton" the closest I could get was Wikipedia's link to A-man's blog.

same thing happened with tbogg, which is my gateway blog. it used to be first one up on the first page. now i hafta go to page 4 to get to it directly.

vrwc, perhaps? remember, one of google's founders is russian, and probably has caught the libs = commies bug.

I just checked - my blog is still first for "femiphobia" and "bora zivkovic". Will keep an eye, though.

Now I think Google is messing with me. I've gotten more Google hits over the last 24 hours than I had in the previous week.

A lot of these hits are coming from foreign Google sites, so I wonder. If there is a change, is it effective only on Google's American engines?

1. This happened once before. I used to be able to google "norway" and get the result I expected. Then I couldn't. This was months ago.

2. Has anyone checked right wing blogs?

Heh, I'm still #1 if you google "Remain Calm"


See my latest post concerning this, and get the word out.

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