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February 16, 2005

L. majikthise


The aforementioned Google shakeup has had at least one positive effect. Had it not been for this recent upheaval, I would never have learned about my namesake, a New Guinean tree frog known as Litoria majikthise.

For the record, the biologists GR Johnston and Steven Richards paid homage to Douglas Adams a full decade before I did:

Johnston, G.R. and Richards, S.J. (1994). A new species of Litoria (Anura: Hylidae) from New Guinea and redefinition of Litoria leucova (Tyler, 1968). Memoirs of the Queensland Museum. 37:273-280.

How ironic, given the graphical nickname I suggested for Jonah Goldberg.


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Now you just need to Photoshop a tiny Johnny Cash t-shirt on the little feller ...

Yup. The little dude even has the same body language.

If anyone wants to try to add Johnny Cash to our little green friend, I'd love to post the picture.

Incidentally, over the last couple of days, it looks like our Google-driven traffic at Needlenose has risen since the "shakeup."

I'd guess that their approach involved downgrading sites from the major blog domains (TypePad, etc.). So "" would probably be ranked much higher ...

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