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February 25, 2005

Not nihilists, nailists

It's estrogen week, so in lieu of the usual Bad Tattoos gallery, I give you Spirit Fingers on the extreme nail art of Hong Kong.

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My analysis of the iterations of the text, make that iterations of the textures . . . WTF

Do women actually wear those kinds of nails? It looks like you can't even risk breathing on them or they'll break.

I bet they're not cheap, either.

Wow, those are extreme. There's something about the meticulous execution and quirky detail that I'm strangely attracted to and find compelling.

Trish Wilson here too? Majikthise and Trish Wilson? Poster Womanettes for Women Who Blog in a Political Kind of way? Get me Kevin Dum, I mean Kevin Drum on the blogophone.
(a pause, a breath. perhance to dream.) Sorry, a little off topic. Just how do you tuck in your shirt in your pantalones with these nails? A question, just a question.

LOL Heretik. Yeah, a Poster Womanette is here.

Regarding the Dragon Lady nails, you tuck in your clothes very carefully, Heretik.

V-e-r-y c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y.


The cashier at the IHOP in my old neighborhood had such long nails she had to dig change out of the register with a spoon!

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