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February 23, 2005

Right wing paramilitary organizations

'Minutemen' plan to patrol Arizona border

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Intent on securing the vulnerable Arizona border from illegal immigrant crossings, U.S. officials are bracing for what they call a potential new threat this spring: the Minutemen.

Nearly 500 volunteers have already joined the Minuteman Project, anointing themselves civilian border patrol agents. They plan to patrol a 40-mile stretch of the southeast Arizona border throughout April when the tide of immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border peaks.

"I felt the only way to get something done was to do it yourself," said Jim Gilchrist, a retired accountant and decorated Vietnam War veteran who is helping recruit Minutemen across the country.

Across the country? How many vigilantes does Arizona need?

Officials fear the Minuteman patrols could cause more trouble than they prevent. At least some of the volunteers plan to arm themselves during the 24-hour desert patrols. Many are untrained and have little or no experience in confronting illegal border crossings.

"Any time there are firearms and you're out in the middle of no-man's land in difficult terrain, it's a dangerous setting," said Bonner, whose agency is keeping a close eye on the Minutemen plans.

From an HR perspective it's probably wise to broaden the recruiting base. As Steve Gilliard notes the Minuteman project will need to offset a relatively high attrition rate:

Atrios is concerned that these folks will bring back the bad old days, when whites killed Mexicans for sport, sort of like game hunting.

I'm more concerned that these halfwits will either shoot themeselves or get killed by the drug dealers and coyotes, Like all good dick swinging white men, they think all they need is a gun and white skin to control the border. Well, Mexicsns have their own cowboy myths and a lot more experience at gunplay. So the odds are that these simpletons, when not running into DEA operations, may well stumble on people who would kill them like a deer for dinner.

The odds are a LOT higher that a few of these folks will turn up dead than they will kill immigrants.

[Via Dr. Pretorius.]


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I have read your article and contest some of it.
Firstly the Government and Law Enforcement agencies do a fairly poor job at protecting the citizens of the U.S.. That is not anti-government or anti-establishment; it's basically a fact.
I will now state something that is Law in most states if not all states: When to use of deadly force " in any situation in which any law abiding person is threatened by another person using deadly force against them illegally may use deadly force to protect their own life or that of a third person being attacked by someone using deadly force against them illegally" Another law that can be found in most states is " every citizen of the United States has the legal right to detain any person that is breaking any established law ". Notice I did not say arrest but detain and by force but not deadly force. Now for clarity; if in either case the acting person is wrong they face both criminal and civil liaibility for their wrong actions. Otherwise they have the legal right to enforce the law. An example: If John doe is driving down a public highway swerving from lane to lane and I record that on a video from my following vehicle his driving behavior and John doe then stops his car and gets out of it. I have the legal right to approach John Doe to further verify that in my own educated opinion John Doe is in fact driving a vehicle on a public highway while intoxicated. If I smell alcohol on his breath I can legally and forcefully if necessary take him to the ground place zip cuffs on his hands and feet to detain him and then call the police so they can verify the situation, evaluate the situation and after they have done this finding John Doe intoxicated in there professional opinion; arrest John Doe. I can detain John Doe because he is operating a motor vehicle on a public highway endangering the lives of other 3rd person citizens.
I will agree with you that no one should patrol the border of the United States without having had some form of prior training in both the Law and the use of Firearms previously. That does not mean that they have to be currently certified by a Criminal Justice Standards Board. They only need to show that they were trained; it is something you do not forget.
It is also against federal and State Law to be on Federal or State property with any form of firearm without out Federal and State approval specifically indicating in this particular case; that the members of a patrol militia may legally patrol and possess firearms to be used to detain and in self-defense purposes.
Now you may ask; whom in ther right mind would want to take on that potential liability and risk and why would anyone desire to do it at all? They care about their country and it's people is the answer.

Citizens also have the right to bear arms as stated in the Constitution. If in the future laws are passed taking the right to bear arms away from the people then the Federal and State judicial systems have adopted a manditory obligation to always protect the people without any failre of that obligation any where and every where 24 hours a day. If Law enforcement fails to do this, citizens have the legal right to individually case by case file a liability lawsuit against both the Law enforcement agency and the State & Federal judicial systems for failure to protect and failure to act.
For me personally the border issue would not be based on a prejudice against mexican people but solely a federally established law enforcement effort.

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