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February 24, 2005

UN Dispatch

FYI, UN Dispatch is a new blog administered by Peter Daou and sponsored by the United Nations Foundation.

Daou writes:

In the many hours I spend surveying blogs and online forums to prepare the Daou Report it's clear to me that there's a very narrow range of UN-related content on blogs, virtually all of it associated with controversies such as Oil-for-Food. There's little discussion of the wide range of humanitarian work performed by UN bodies, everything from measles initiatives to Tsunami relief to global environmental issues to women's rights.

Helping children in need, working for a healthier environment, leading disaster relief efforts around the globe, these are not partisan issues, and I believe that stepping up to defend the UN's works in these areas is the right thing to do. I'm aware that UN Dispatch will be the target of criticism by opponents of the UN. I welcome a vigorous debate, and invite everyone on this list to be part of the discussion.

Amongst other things, UNdispatch is blogging the World Health Organization's Great Expectations program:

"In the lead up to World Health Day on 7 April this year, six mothers living in different countries of the world are sharing their experiences of pregnancy and childbirth. In this fourth part of Great expectations, the babies are one week old. They have reached a significant milestone in their lives, as the risk of death in the first seven days is higher than at any point in the first five years of a child's life."

The theme of World Health Day 2005 is maternal and child health. As part of the run-up to the event, the World Health Organization is following six mothers from their 5th month of pregnancy through the 6th month of their new babies' lives.

The international baby cohort has recently completed its first week on the planet. [Ed: Much cuter than reality TV.]

Happy first Friday, little guys.


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Channel 78 on Time/Warner Manhattan is the UN Channel. It's sorta like C-SPAN for the UN, minus Washington Journal.

You might see stuff on programs they are doing or have done. You are likely to see an _ancient_ documentary on the birth of the UN and the League of Nations.

T/W Manhattan has a "guide". You can't switch to 78 while in the Guide. Channels 76-79 aren't listed in the guide. (76, 77 and 79 are empty, the only stations under 140 to be empty). It's the only station so treated.

I'm 100% sure that's a coincidence, right?

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