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March 15, 2005

Daily Show report

Amazingly, we got to see the Frankfurt/Stewart taping. I got in line at 3:00 for the the 5:45 show. It was a sunny day, but the wind off the Hudson was really bitter. After an hour I was shivering hard enough to wonder if people were staring. My grad school buddy Amber joined me in line, bringing coffee and moral support. At 5:00 the staff announced that the show was full. By this point, people were definitely staring at me. Amber pleaded with the producer, and we got put in a special stand-by line. My lips went blue. I tried to keep the hopping and stamping low-key. Then it was announced that not all the ticket holders were going to get in. By dint of charm (Amber's) and hypothermia (mine) we aroused the maternal sympathies of the producer.

There were no seats left in the auditorium, so we got to sit up in the catbird's nest with the audio engineer. Best seats in the house!

The show was great. Jon Stewart had clearly read On Bullshit and thought about it seriously. The Daily Show interview was far more sophisticated than any other media coverage of Frankfurt's book. I only wish format allowed for a longer interview.


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Congrats on getting in to the show. I agree completely that Stewart's format often ruins the interviews. When the interviews are one segment long, the discussion usually can't get deep enough (e.g., last night) or it flies over several topics and becomes too frenetic (e.g., Krugman last week). When it's two segments long (I think I saw one with Peter Jennings) it's usually for a marquee-name guest that often doesn't justify the time.

Is it me or has TDS been wallowing in a slump lately? Last night's was more up to standard, but from top to bottom the effort has been rather piss poor, sadly. My Power Hour of Funny is 11pm, TDS and then Futurama. Please, don't let Jon Stewart jump the shark, not yet...

I posted Quicktime Video of the Frankfurt segment here.

sorry to read about the lousy weather in nyc.

yeh, when an actor or singer comes out to push his latest project, the five-minute segment works the best.

but tv must be predictable. gotta stick to the format. that is one of its most weakest things.

if stewart mixed it up every so often, he might have more people watching to see what he'll do next.

I was pleased (and astonished) that the original broadcast was uncensored. However, I happened to surf by the rerun last night, and it had been bleepified.

Thanks for reminding me about this. I just happen to catch the last part of the interview and it was obvious the essay had an effect on Stewart.

Personally, having a strong aversion to people who spew bullshit has been a guiding force in my life, and probably the single biggest reason I started blogging.

No doubt, it stems from having a stepmother who was a habitual liar, and being a powerless kid unable to call her on it.

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