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March 27, 2005

DeLay pulled plug on Dad and sued

Today's LA Times is running a "previously unpublished account of the majority leader's personal brush with life-ending decisions was assembled from court files, medical records and interviews with family members."

And what a story it is. Especially the part where DeLays sue the company whose defective product killed their dad.

Another good part is the scientific proof that dad always loved Randy more than Tom:

[Charles DeLay's widow] Maxine DeLay agreed that she was never aware of any consciousness on her husband's part during the long days of her bedside vigil — with one possible exception.

"Whenever Randy walked into the room, his heart, his pulse rate, would go up a little bit," she said of their son, Randall, the congressman's younger brother, who lives near Houston.

Had it not been for these involuntary slips, Charles might be vegetating today.


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I hate to admit it, DeLay's father's horrific situation was much more dire and extreme than Terri Schiavo's. This being said, the Schindler family who have claimed that withdrawal of life support is murder have their own little family secret: Robert Schindler withdrew life support on his 79 year old mother who, after a week being treated for pneumonia, developed acute renal failure.

I hate to admit it, DeLay's father's horrific situation was much more dire and extreme than Terri Schiavo's.

On the contrary, Charles DeLay's situation was better, because his cortex was intact as far as I can tell.

Someone with alot of time needs to search Public Records only, and match those Representatives who voted to pull the Schiavo case into Federal court (by overriding States Rights and trashing the Constitution) to their own 'right to life' issues. Mr. Schindler himself OK'd life support to be taken away from his mother. Frist should be sued for Medical Malpractice for making an incompetent diagnosis that was purposely made to defraud Congress into voting for his bill.

This is just too much. These people who are trying to make us pay for their personal problems and tell us what to do with our own bodies.

On the Delay family lawsuit, I first read that the father had a "tram accident." Hmmm, did he fall off a ski lift or a San Francisco trolley? Actually it was neither. His accident was on a home-built apparently untested Rube Goldberg contraption to enable his family to descend a 200 foot slope down to their lake.

radical (?) hypothesis: maybe it is their own failings as moral beings by "pulling the plug" on their own relatives for issues of personal convenience/economics that makes these Rethuglicans so righteous. SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS: I KILLED MY OWN PARENT AND I MUST ATONE BY SAVING TERRI SCHIAVO!


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